Jordan Trail | 1- Ajloun Castle to Khirbet Alsouq
The Jordan Trail is a continuous route crossing the entire country of Jordan, offering over 600 kilometers of trail and 36 days of beautiful hiking through diverse
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  • Distance: 16.2 km
  • Time: 5 to 6 hours
  • Physical Challenge: Moderate
  • Trail Difficulty: Moderate
  • Waymarked: No

To download the GPS track, click here.

Distance Waypoint Walking Notes
0 km 201-0 STAGE START: Just before Ajloun castle gate, turn R (Sign: Shrine of Prophet Khidr).
320 m 201-0.32 After Bedouin tents & small concrete building on L, turn L into olive grove by medium size rock and continue straight.
480 m 201-0.48 Ruins, continue straight/slightly R down hill cutting through the forest till you get to 4×4.
895 m 201-0.9 At 4×4 turn L, then at Y turn R into paved road and continue straight into foot path before turning sharp R with the road.
935 m 201-0.94 Continue straight then R downhill along the foot path aiming to the next lower road.
1.2 km 201-1.2 Hit paved road and new clean building, turn L then R in 50m.
1.4 km 201-1.4 Turn L by the flat field.
1.6 km 201-1.6 Continue straight into olive grove leaving the road.
1.7 km 201-1.7 Continue straight for 40m then turn R into olive grove.
1.9 km 201-1.9 Walk down the R side of the olive grove all the way reaching 4×4.
2.3 km 201-2.3 At 4×4, turn L.
2.38 km 201-2.38 Turn R into footpath between bushes, winding all the way down to the road.
2.9 km 201-2.9 Cross big road to smaller road going uphill.
3.2 km 201-3.2 At Y turn L.
3.6 km 201-3.6 At T turn L down hill. (Rock wall)
3.7 km 201-3.7 Turn R into 4×4 into olive grove.
4 km 201-4 Continue straight towards the building and road.
4.5 km 201-4.5 At main road, turn R then L in 50m.
5 km 201-5 Turn L uphill in front of a big house with red brick roof.
5.3 km 201-5.3 At T turn R.
6 km 201-6 Turn L uphill to Um AL-Khashab.
7.9 km Camping Spot Good Camping Spot
7.9 km 201-7.9 At Y turn into semi paved road.
9.03km 201-9.03 Turn L into 4×4.
9.08 km 201-9.08 Turn R into blocked 4×4.
9.1 km 201-9.1 At T turn R.
9.5 km 201-9.5 Join 4×4, with big rock fence on L.
10 km 201-10 At T turn L.
10 km Dallafeh water spring. Dallafeh water spring.
10.9 km 201-10.9 Caves on R and L.
11.2 km Sarabees water spring. Sarabees water spring.
11.2 km Sarabees village ruins. Sarabees village ruins.
11.7 km 201-11.7 Continue straight from cross.
13.3 km 201-13.3 At Main road turn R.
13.5 km 201-13.5 Just before the Cliff on L (Mahmoud Cliff), turn L with olive groves on R & L, continue until you get to a block of houses.
13.9 km 201-13.9 Mahmoud Cliff (Ancient Tombs).
15.4 km Charcoal Burners home stay STAGE END: Charcoal Burners home stay.
Basic Info:

Good views and an enjoyable walk south down the sparsely pine forested hill to Wadi AlTawaheen start the day. Once over the wadi, small tracks head back up passing olive groves and avoiding the towns of Anjara and Kufrinja before winding round the W end of the hills above. Country lanes then continue past the old abandoned village of Sarabees with its spring then on over more rolling hills still on quiet county lanes and down into pretty Wadi Mahmoud with its eponymous cliff (good sports climbs). A nice path follows the cliff top round to the next valley and Khirbet al-Souq, where a charcoal burning community live (homestay).

Option 1:
Buses from Amman (north bus station) to Ajloun then from Ajloun take a bus or Taxi to Ajloun castle. (No fixed schedule for buses, they leave when they are full).
Option 2:
Direct private Taxi.

1. Al Jabal Castle Hotel (2 Stars):
1.7 Km from Ajloun Castle
Phone: +962 2 642 0202

2. Ajloun Hotel (2 Stars):
1.1 Km from Ajloun Castle
Phone: +962 2 642 0524

Things to See:
– Ajloun Castle (entrance fee: 2JD pp).
– Shrine of Prophet Khidr near the entrance of Ajloun Castle.
– Dallafeh Water Spring. (Fresh water, no purification needed).
– Sarabees Water Spring. (Fresh water, no purification needed).
– Sarabees Village Ruins.
– Mahmoud Cliff (Bolted Climbing Routes and Ancient Tombs).
– Charcoal Burners.
– Water/Food available near the start and end points.
– Shade available along the trail.
– Most of the trail is accessible by car.
– Parking is possible at the start point (Ajloun Castle Entrance) and at the end point (Charcoal burners).
– Bathrooms are also available at the start and end points in Ajloun Castle and at the charcoal burner’s house.
– Mobile service is available all the way.
– ATM Machines are available in Ajloun city center.
– Good camping spot with nice view in “Um Al-Khashab” area.
Local Contacts:

1. Local contacts in villages along trail:

2. Local tour operators or guides: