Jordan Trail | 1- Karak to Tor Al-Taboun
The Jordan Trail is a continuous route crossing the entire country of Jordan, offering over 600 kilometers of trail and 36 days of beautiful hiking through diverse
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Hikes in the Region


1: Karak to Tor Al-Taboun


2: Tor Al-Taboun to Karaka


3: Karaka to Ma’tan


4:  Ma’tan to Dana


  • Distance: 25.8 km
  • Time:   7 hours
  • Physical Challenge: Easy
  • Trail Difficulty: Easy
  • Waymarked: No

To download the GPS track, click here.

Distance                Waypoint               Walking Notes
0 km 501-0 STAGE START: Kerak Castle entrance on R, continue straight passing restaurants and “King Hussein” Road on L . keep following the road as it bends around the wall of the Castle.
660 m 501-0.66 At big crossroads, avoid first R and at Y junction, turn R uphill.
885 m 501-0.89 Continue straight where another road joins from L.
1.7 km 501-1.7 At crossroads, follow middle road going downhill.
1.9 km 501-1.9 Follow main track with deep valley on R, ignoring L road.
4.3 km 501-4.3 Cross wadi, to other side, following 4×4.
4.9 km 501-4.9 At the end of 4×4, as you hit T paved junction turn L and continue straight.
5.2 km 501-5.2 Aynoun village ruins on R.
5.6 km 501-5.6 At Y, turn L.
5.7 km 501-5.7 At Y, turn R.
5.9 km 501-5.9 At Y, turn R. wadi on R.
6.4 km 501-6.4 After school, continue straight uphill, ignoring L road.
7.9 km 501-7.9 At Y, turn L.
8.2 km 501-8.2 When road bends L, leave road and continue straight SW on 4×4.
8.7 km 501-8.7 Cross paved road straight to another 4×4.
9.5 km 501-9.5 Keep going straight ignoring road coming from L, passing 2 chicken farms.
10 km 501-10 At T old paved road near farm house, turn L.
10.3 km 501-10.3 Take first R on paved road, in direction of chicken farm
10.6 km 501-10.6 At Chicken farm where road stops, continue straight with fence on L.
10.7 km 501-10.7 Rejoin old paved road curving R then L, then straight all the way to paved road corner by a house.
11 km 501-11 Hit paved road and turn R with building on L and ruins on R, then first L after the house.
12.4 km 501-12.4 At T (bigger paved road) , turn L then first R and another R immediately.
13.1 km 501-13.1 As road curves R, leave road to L, crossing small piece of land to Al-Iraq rim.
13.4 km 501-13.4 Edge of Al-Iraq Rim, head south overlooking Al-Iraq Village.
14 km 501-14 Stone mounds on L, go down R to a track below ploughed fields, about 50m from rim.
14.2 km 501-14.2 Now back on rim, pass a house and continue with fence on L (good views again).
15.1 km 501-15.1 Join paved road on rim and continue straight.
15.6 km 501-15.6 Cross road (small mosque to L, house and gardens on R). Go through a broken wire fence coming from mosque but keep L of fence on rim (garden behind). When fence stops, continue S on rim.
16 km 501-16 Then follow R side of next old wire fence, still along rim with great views W.
16.5 km 501-16.5 A side valley cuts into the rim. Descend L into it, on a path towards a house.
16.8 km 501-16.8 From house, go down the road to the bend.
16.9 km 501-16.9 leave the road and rise gently up the hillside to regain the rim.
17.4 km 501-17.4 Contour round the plateau rim eventually heading E then SSE above a deep valley (Wadi Al-Muqair).
18.3 km 501-18.3 Olive grove becomes visible ahead on the L side of the valley, follow paths diagonally down R towards the topside of the grove to meet 4×4 coming in from further E up the valley.
18.8 km 501-18.8 Continue on 4×4 until close to the wadi bottom.
19.2 km 501-19.2 Leave track, go about 50m down to wadi.
19.4 km 501-19.4 STAGE END: Wadi Al-Muqair
Basic Info:

Leave the castle to head south on a good track high on the side of the impressively striated limestone valley of Wadi ed Dab’a (great views back to the castle and down the valley), eventually crossing the usually dry wadi before rising up to the almost abandoned village of Ainun located above an oxbow bend. (Take time out to explore.) Quiet country lanes then head SW over hills past more ruined villages to the edge of the plateau 1600 metres above the Dead Sea, and immediately overlooking the village of El Iraq. The edge is then followed pleasantly on paths which eventually descend into Wadi al Muqair.


Bus Station in Kerak.



– Wild Camping.
Things to See:
– Kerak Castle.
– Ainun Village Ruins.
– Kferaz Ruins.
– Zijda Ruins.
– Nice views over the Dead Sea from Al-Iraq rim.
– Water and food available in villages along the stage.
– Most parts of stage are accessible by car or bus.
– Bus station in Kerak.
– Bathrooms available at the beginning in Kerak, in Hotels and restaurants.
– Mobile service available most of the time.
– ATM available at the beginning in Kerak City.