Jordan Trail | 1- Wadi Zarqa Ma’in to Wadi Hidan
The Jordan Trail is a continuous route crossing the entire country of Jordan, offering over 600 kilometers of trail and 36 days of beautiful hiking through diverse
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Hikes in the Region


1: Wadi Zarqa Ma’in to Wadi Hidan


2: Wadi Hidan to Wadi Mujib


3: Wadi Mujib to Majdalein


4: Majdalein to Karak


  • Distance: 17.2 km
  • Time:   6 hours
  • Physical Challenge: Difficult
  • Trail Difficulty: Difficult
  • Waymarked: No

To download the GPS track, click here.

Distance             Waypoint             Walking Notes
0 km 401-0 STAGE START: When the cliff ends, go down R between boulders under the cliff.
90 m 401-0.09 cross the river and go up the big track to a T junction. Immediately ahead a path rises up a stony hillside on the R side of a wide valley
425 m 401-0.43 At T, Leave 4×4 into footpath, south west uphill, winding up to the top of hill.
883 m 401-0.88 keep following footpath round the hills
1 km 401-1 Cross dry stream and start curving east and uphill
1.2 km 401-1.2 As you go uphill, start curving more east gradually towards the ridge as it starts to appear.
1.5 km 401-1.5 Rocky area.
1.9 km 401-1.9 From flat field, aim to the top of hill.
2.3 km 401-2.3 Follow Roman Road to the top of hill.
2.5 km 401-2.5 Keep following the ridge (Ruins).
2.8 km 401-2.8 Stay on Roman Road heading south east on top of ridge.
3.3 km 401-3.3 Continue passing a circle of Rocks
3.4 km 401-3.4 From top of hill, drop down into field joining 4×4 on R edge of field.
4.4 km 401-4.4 Continue on 4×4 south east crossing flat fields.
6.1 km 401-6.1 At T (paved road), turn R.
7.5 km 401-7.5 Continue along the road passing Bani Hamida Health Centre.
8.5 km 401-8.5 Cross the small road and descend to enter the wadi. Follow it down.
10 km 401-10 Two rock steps of 3m. The first is easy. Descend carefully left to climb down the second and continue along Wadi.
11.5 km 401-11.5 4×4 reached. Follow it down the valley, first on the right, then on the left. It eventually reaches a Quarry.
14.1 km 401-14.1 Quarry on L, follow 4×4 on R side of Wadi.
15 km 401-15 By circle of rocks, leave 4×4 to L, down S towards Wadi Hidan, passing scattered boulders on R and L.
15.3 km 401-15.3 Big boulder.
15.9 km 401-15.9 Continue following 4×4 winding down to paved road (Good Camping Spot)
16.6 km 401-16.6 At Y, turn L down hill.
16.9 km 401-16.9 STAGE END: Paved Road.
Basic Info:

The day starts with the long ascent of a pleasantly undulating ridge with the old Roman road sometimes visible nearby. There are great views down to the Dead Sea, the Jordan Valley, the cliffs and hills in Palestine. Beyond the nice summit ridge a path leads to the road, which is followed a short way to the SW before descending a long wadi to meet a track. After crossing the valley a path then goes down past dolmens to the verdant depths of the hugely impressive Hidan Gorge with waterfalls and pools in its river.

Things to See:
– Roman Road
– Wadi Zaqa Ma’in
– Wadi Hidan
– Ridge overlooking the Dead Sea
– Roman Ruins
– Water: Wadi Zarqa Ma’in & Wadi Hidan (Purification required before drinking)
– You might be able to find a small shop in Atruz.
– Road access: beginning (Zarqa Ma’in), halfway (Atruz) & at the end (Wadi Hidan)
– Limited shade
– Mobile service available most of the time except for the last quarter
– Wild camping possible anywhere along the stage
– No ATM
Local Contacts:
1. Local Contacts in villages along the trail:
– Abu Saif-Bani Hamida: 0777037559 (Accommodation/Transportation)
Abu Majed: 0776501901 (Transportation around Wadi Zarqa Ma’in)Local tour
– Abu Saif-Bani Hamida: 0777037559