Jordan Trail | 2- Wadi Hidan to Wadi Mujib
The Jordan Trail is a continuous route crossing the entire country of Jordan, offering over 600 kilometers of trail and 36 days of beautiful hiking through diverse
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  • Distance: 14.9 km
  • Time:   7 hours
  • Physical Challenge: Difficult
  • Trail Difficulty: Difficult
  • Waymarked: No

To download the GPS track, click here.

Distance  Waypoint  Walking Notes
0 km 402-0 STAGE START: Cross paved road, following 4×4 going down to Wadi Hidan streambed.
367 m 402-0.37 Cross Wadi Hidan streambed to join 4×4 winding up to the top of hill.
550 m 402-0.55 Turn L uphill.
757 m 402-0.76 At T, turn L.
1.3 km 402-1.3 Turn L, along 4×4.
1.5 km 402-1.5 Continue on 4×4, curving R.
1.6 km 402-1.6 Continue on R along 4×4.
1.7 km 402-1.7 At T, turn R following 4×4. Wadi Hidan visible on R.
2.2 km 402-2.2 Where rock square building and one palm tree are on R, continue along footpath.
2.3 km 402-2.3 Cross wadi on rock surface towards saddle.
2.6 km 402-2.6 Head towards small dip in the sky, south west on the highest hill
3.1 km 402-3.1 Cross dry stream, following footpath.
3.4 km 402-3.4 Cross dry stream, following footpath.
3.5 km 402-3.5 After cave on L, start curving L towards ridge.
3.8 km 402-3.8 Turn L uphill, following the ridge footpath all the way to the top, on bearing 130.
4.9 km 402-4.9 Follow footpath all the way to the top of ridge.
5 km 402-5 Reach the top of the plateau, with a great over look over Wadi Hidan/Wadi Mujib. To E is an asphalt road with power lines along it, which leads to Shgeig village. Continue S, along the edge of the plateau
7.6 km RSCN HUT Reach a small ranger’s hut on the edge of the cliffs overlooking Wadi Mujib. Stay L along the ridge top, now heading E.
8.7 km 402-8.7 At a well with a metal lid, with a view to the nearby village uphill, above an area of black outcropping rocks to R, turn R down through the black rocks to find a path a down, heading S, onto a shoulder of the hillsides of Wadi Mujib.
9 km 402-9 Reach a level area, a small point protruding just below the rock outcrop. Turn L down below the high point; continuing on an indistinct footpath. Make your way down the spine that extends from the shoulder, along level paths/ledges. Stay to L spur of it when it splits. To your L, across a deep wadi, a level path is visible running along a ridge, then continuing over to below your location on the same spur. Head downward for that.
9.9 km 402-9.9 Meet the trail running level along hillsides. Go R, to stay on the same spur you have been descending. It takes you down to not far above the wadi to L, and becomes less distinct. Stay above it, on paths curving around its L slopes above the wadi
10.4 km 402-10.4 Come to low point just above wadi to L; head back up along more distinct path on slopes of spur. Stay above the wadi to L as the paths fade out, soon coming into view of some Bedouin tents ahead
11 km 402-11 Continue south, slightly on R in direction of seasonal Bedouin tents to join a footpath that bends L and goes all the way down to 4×4.
12.1 km 402-12.1 Turn L and continue along 4×4.
12.4 km 402-12.4 After crossing small Wadi, turn R leaving 4×4 into a vague footpath winding down in direction Wadi Mujib.
12.9 km 402-12.9 Turn R down onto an ancient stone-carved path
12.94 km 402-12.94 Reach a stone cistern at the bottom of the ancient footpath. Turn L, to head S down a wide path b/w stone walls.
13.3 km 402-13.3 Turn R and continue along Wadi Mujib keeping it to your L.
14.1 km 402-14.1 STAGE END: Good camping spots on both sides of Wadi.
Basic Info:

Cross the river (water level permitting) and follow a path which obligingly rises in easy stages to the SW, to reach a ridge. Follow this up, still on a path, with great scenery all around, to the S rim of the canyon. The rim is then followed S on flat easy ground to an RSCN lookout post in a unique location on the tip of the plateau overlooking both the Hidan and Mujib Gorges. Just beyond, an unexpected but once again spectacular Bedouin shepherds’ path descends steeply through cliffs and down another ridge to the depths of the massive Mujib Gorge, Jordan’s ‘Grand Canyon’, entering its seemingly inaccessible lower reaches by a path built down a cliff. Follow the river down a short way before wading through to reach a possible camping area.


Possible local cars to villages around.


Wild camping. Possible next to RSCN hut.

Things to See:
– Wadi Hidan. Views from ridges up top.
– Stone-carved path with cistern, some ruins across from where we talked to the shepherd. Dry waterfalls, overhang/caves
– Mujib stream and swimming holes
– Stream water always there; drinkable with filter.
– One spring (with cisterns) is pretty reliable.
– Closest stores in Faqua; small shop in Shuqeq, maybe small store in Mathlutha.
– Asphalt road access down into the wadi; alot more dirt roads. .
– Bathrooms – only at the RSCN hut. (If
– Signal most of the way down the wadi, but not in wadi bottom.
– Closest ATM in Madaba
– Water from Shqeiq (off-trail), Wells (If locks are
open), possibly from rangers but not reliable, few
springs, Mujib stream and Wadi Hidan stream.
– Could get vegetables from farmers down in wadi, They’d probably just give you food; it’s too little to
charge for.
– Dirt roads that come down into the wadi – 4×4 vehicle only. You’re never that far from a dirt road
Moderate amount of shade in second half – boulders, overhangs and such. Plateau and first half of wadi.
– No shade.
– Phone signal most of the way down the wadi; Zain signal even in wadi bottom.
Good camping down by stream at the bend where there’s a nice flat bank.
Local Contacts:
1. Local contacts in villages along trail:
– Abu Seif: from Bani Hamida tribe. 0777037559. Does homestays, transportation, meals, maybe guiding hikes. Runs a
support truck/guiding business.
– Abdullah Al-Lwansa: Ranger at RSCN hut. 0772002051
2. Local tour operators or guides:
– Abu-Saif: 0777037559