Jordan Trail | 2-Khirbet Al Souq to King Talal Dam
The Jordan Trail is a continuous route crossing the entire country of Jordan, offering over 600 kilometers of trail and 36 days of beautiful hiking through diverse
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Hikes in the Region


1: Ajloun to Khirbet Al-Souq


2: Khirbet Al-Souq to King Talal Dam


3: King Talal Dam to Rmeimeen


4: Rmeimeen to Fuhais


  • Distance: 12.1 km
  • Time:  4 hours
  • Physical Challenge: Moderate
  • Trail Difficulty: Moderate
  • Waymarked: No

To download the GPS track, click here.

Walking Notes
0 m 202-0 STAGE START: leave road, turn L into 4X4 entering wadi Al-Sham with rock walls on R & L.
200 m 202-0.2 Continue straight along 4X4
2.4 km 202-2.4 Join paved road going straight uphill.
2.7 km 202-2.7 Turn L along paved road by small concrete building on R, ignoring 4X4 going straight.
2.8 km 202-2.8 Just before small concrete room on L, by huge Oak tree on L, turn R into field following traces of 4X4 down until Burma village & King Talal dam are visible.
3 km 202-3 From this point Burma village & King Talal dam are visible, continue down the rocky valley with lots of trees around (no path, 4×4…), staying slightly on L until you reach 4X4.
3.4 202-3.4 Hit 4X4, turn R and continue down along 4X4 leading to Burma village.
4 km 202-4 Continue straight/R down in direction of houses.
4.4 km 202-4.4 Enter Burma village, Seeing Mosque with blue dome in the middle of the village.
4.6 km 202-4.6 At cross, continue straight down.
4.7 km 202-4.7 At Y, turn L down.
4.9 km 202-4.9 At T with small circle and electricity pole in the middle, turn L.
5 km 202-5 Big Mosque with blue Dom on L. (Toilets available)
5.2 km 202-5.2 Falafel restaurant and mini markets.
5.8 km 202-5.8 From cross with circle and electricity pole in the middle, turn R slightly downhill.
6.2 km 202-6.2 Green small Mosque on R. (Toilets available)
6.6 km 202-6.6 Turn R, big electricity pole on R and house in the middle of olive grove on L.
7 km 202-7 At T, turn R staying on paved road, ignoring 4×4 on L.
7.1 km 202-7.1 Turn L by gray house with black gate.
7.3 km 202-7.3 Surface change from paved road to 4×4, house on L.
7.6 km 202-7.6 Talal Dam visible from here, continue winding down along 4×4.
8.1 km 202-8.1 Turn down L, 180 degrees towards the Dam.
8.3 km 202-8.3 At Y, turn R downhill.
9.1 km 202-9.1 Hit 4×4, turn L slightly uphill towards the Dam bridge.
9.4 km 202-9.4 At Y, turn L uphill.
10.3 km 202-10.3 King Talal Dam.
10.4 km 202-10.4 At the end of the bridge turn L, following 4×4.
10.6 km 202-10.6 Turn R uphill into footpath winding up the hill.
11.1 km 202-11.1 Pass under metal fence.
11.2 km 202-11.2 Cross field in direction of next hill on R, with building on top of R hill.
11.3 km 202-11.3 Join 4×4 uphill.
11.6 km 202-11.6 STAGE END: Flat ground overlooking King Talal Dam.


Basic Info:

The track heads through a secluded wooded valley onto the crest of the hill with dramatic views S over the hillside village of Burma to the King Talal Dam and beyond. Paths then lead steeply down to Burma (shops) and down again to the wall of the dam.

Things to See:
– Wadi Al-Sham (a nice fresh wadi with lots of trees).
– Burma Village.
– Rmemeen Waterfalls (free and open 24/7)
– Water and food available  in village restaurants and mini markets along the way
– Mosques in Burma, toilets can be used
– Mobile service available almost all along the trail