Jordan Trail | 2- Wadi Malaga to Ras Al Feid
The Jordan Trail is a continuous route crossing the entire country of Jordan, offering over 600 kilometers of trail and 36 days of beautiful hiking through diverse
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Hikes in the Region


1: Dana to Wadi Malaga


2: Wadi Malaga to Ras Al-Feid


3: Ras Al-Feid to Little Petra


4: Little Petra to Petra


  • Distance: 13.7 km
  • Time:   5 – 7 hours
  • Physical Challenge: Difficult
  • Trail Difficulty: Difficult
  • Waymarked: No

To download the GPS track, click here.

Walking Notes +                    Distance  
0.0 m Camp site near Wadi Malaga
130m From campsite, walk down 4X4 track south across the stream bed leaving the hill behind. At Y turn R. 130m
245m 4X4 bends R, leave 4X4 to L on bearing 220 heading on footpath towards L side of small peaks. 115m
930m Drop down a 2m edge, continue towards end of ridge on your L side on bearing 190. 685m
1.1 km Head on bearing 200 towards the point on horizon between small hills. 160m
2.1 km Passing large mound on L, continue towards R side of small mound at the end of ridge on R (Wadi Barwas on left). 985m
3.9 km Continue straight between 2 mounds. 1.8km
5.7KM Reaching mound, you will see 5 mountains in front of you, scramble down L aiming to the gap between the 2nd and 3rd mountain from L (note: campsite between the 4th and 5th from left) 1.8km
campsite 400m
6.1km Reaching end of mounds, continue straight on bearing 220 285m
6.4 km Follow 4X4 track keeping pointed mound on L and round mound. 500m
Cemetery on left 70m
6.9 km Follow 4X4 round mound and into canyon. 230m
7.1 km Edge where Wadi Abu-Sakhalin on R. (Campsite), from campsite head NE 45 uphill with mound on R. 205m
7.3 km Continue straight passing graves on R. 215m
7.5 km After curving round mound, 4X4 continues up towards ridge, turn L on foot path towards trees. 305m
7.8 km 100m beyond trees, join footpath and turn R heading uphill towards the L side of hill (nagab shdayed) with river bed on L. 825m
8.6 km Cross dry river bed and follow path on N side and up onto plateau (note: Clinsing hill on R) 65m
8.7 km After climbing onto plateau, turn R keeping nearest mountain on R 260m
9 km Cross dry stream bed and continue towards the hill. 300m
9.3 km On reaching N side of hill, turn right on faint zigzag path uphill towards tree. 370m
9.6 km Continue up with hill on left and wadi on R. 270m
9.9 km At saddle of hill, head down R between rocks. 85m
10 km Scramble L up the canyon. 250m
10.3 km Path increases in gradient, continue up on R side of valley.
10.5 km Path crosses mini bridge of tree branches and rock. 210m
10.6 km Terrain flattens out, path continues straight keeping valley on L. 150m
10.7 km Path continues up L side of valley. 110m
11 km Path continues on R side of valley, straight over saddle (Tree will be the last shade for a while). 245m
11.4 km Path descends on right side of saddle (Top of Nagab Shdayed, view over Wadi Feid). 400m
11.44 km Terrain opens up, continue downhill along top of ridge. 550m
11.9 km At pile of rocks at end of ridge, take L path descending along top of ridge. 218m
12.2 km Path descends at L side of ridge (Pool of Wadi Feid in valley on R). 418m
12.6 km Crossing stream bed, path continues down hill with stream bed on R. 123m
12.7 km Crossing stream bed, path continues down hill with river bed on L. 220m
12.9 km At stream bed, turn R into river bed towards the tall reeds. 30m
12.901km Before reeds, turn R on footpath. 145m
13.1 km At stream, turn R for 10m then path leaves stream on right side and continue along route of stream. 85m
13.2 km Wadi Feid pools, turn around. 95m
13.3 km Exit stream, head SE 145 uphill following river with reeds on L. (Campsite option). 220m
13.6 km Path hits stream, turn R and continue uphill along stream bed. 160m
13.7 km Path continues along river with river on R. 190m
13.9 km Path rejoins stream bed, continuing under low braches (Risk of flash flood in rainy season). 60m
14 km Path exits river on L, continuing in same direction. 125m
14.1 km Turn L leaving stream, ascend for about 10m and turn R. 75m
14.2 km Path joins dry stream bed, continue uphill. 125m
14.3 km Path crosses rocky outcrop and continues along stream bed. 185m
14.5 km Continue up stream. 50m
14.51 km Exit river bed on path to R. 1.1km
15.6 km At Y take the main track up right. 50m
15.7 km Where rock colour on L changes from red to yellow, exit stream bed on L, path ascends for 50 m then bears R. 95m Optional Camp
15.8 KM At rock formation head uphill, with rock on R. 95m
15.9 km At crest of hill, continue up ridge in direction of building on horizon on bearing 70, joining 4X4 track. 95m
16.7 km Yellow Cliff camp (Mukhayam Al-Tor Al-Asfar) [Ras Al-Feid Area] 785m
Basic Info:

From the village a good track goes down into the long valley of Wadi Dana amidst splendid sandstone scenery. Follow it pleasantly down the valley eventually arriving at the award winning Feynan Eco Lodge which is in an area of Roman copper mines. If you are not overnighting there, continue down as the valley opens out, reaching Bedouin camps where camping facilities are available. Roman ruins and copper smelting sites not far away. Good sunset spot.


From Feynan Ecolodge, a taxi (12.50JD) can be arranged to take you to the Feinan Reception Center; from there, you can try to find private transportation to nearby Gregra village; from here there are daily buses to Amman (6JD) and Aqaba (3JD). Dana Village can be reached by private transport from nearby Tafila or Qadisiya, which have bus connections with Amman and other major towns. Dana Reserve can help arrange a taxi from there

Dana GuesthouseFeynan EcolodgeDana Tower Hotel (also offers cheap rooftop camping in summer), Dana Hotel, or Dana Moon Hotel. All have meals available or included. Camping forbidden inside Dana Reserve (from just below the village to beyond Feynan lodge); otherwise, camping is possible at the base of the mountains, with a good spot near Wadi al-Malaqa.
Things to See:
 Dana Village ruins, Wadi Dana (spectacular views, diverse wildlife, three of Jordan’s four climate zones), remains of copper mines (slag heaps), Feynan Ecolodge, Feynan Roman/Byzantine ruins, Khirbet al-Nahas mine ruins near Feynan.


Water available at Dana village. Seasonal streams throughout wadi; two reliable water taps near Bedouin encampments near Feynan. Feynan Ecolodgewill only give water if you are buying their reusable soft bottles (7JD). Bathrooms available at Feynman Ecolodge.
Local Contacts:

Eid Al-Azazmeh: 0779265511/0797075683 (Guide & Moving Support)

Abu Lu’ay Nawafleh: 0772177133/0772609093 (Guide & Moving Support)