Jordan Trail | 2- Ziglab to Beit Idis
The Jordan Trail is a continuous route crossing the entire country of Jordan, offering over 600 kilometers of trail and 36 days of beautiful hiking through diverse
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Hikes in the Region


1: Um Qais to Ziglab


2: Ziglab to Beit Idis


3: Beit Idis to Rasoun


4: Rasoun to Ajloun Castle


  • Distance: 22.4 km
  • Time:  8 hours
  • Physical Challenge: Moderate
  • Trail Difficulty: Moderate
  • Waymarked: Yes

To download the Jordan Trail GPS tracks, click here.

Waypoint             Walking Notes
0.0 km 102-0.0 Follow track out of the ecolodge.
260 m 102-0.26 Continue straight on track as another road joins from R.
580 m 102-0.58 At Y turn L.
790 m 102-0.79 Stay straight over wadi low bottom on R side of chain-linked ecopark fence.
940 m 102-0.94 At Y, turn L.
1 km 102-1 Stay straight/L on broken asphalt road near power lines ignoring track on R near power lines.
1.2 km 102-1.2 At Y, turn L.
1.6 km 102-1.6 Stay straight over saddle, heading S on best found path.
2 km 102-2 Cut straight across ridge, follow same contour level around to L to next ridge.
2.4 km 102-2.4 At hillcrest, go straight downhill on best found goat path to edge of hillside.
2.6 km 102-2.6 At edge of hillside, stay straight following edge of line of trees down.
2.8 km 102-2.8 Cross wadi bottom and wheat fields in direction of next olive grove S to reach 4×4 track.
2.9 km 102-2.9 Join 4×4 track and go straight along it with olive grove on L and pomegranate trees on R.
3.1 km 102-3.1 At T, turn R and cross large paved road, followed by a quick R on 4×4.
3.2 km 102-3.2 Follow 4×4 and continue along R side of vineyard, pass small house on L.
3.4 km 102-3.4 Turn R  along R side of vineyard and cross over small wadi to corner of olive trees.
3.6 km 102-3.6 At end of olive trees, turn L on 4×4.
3.8 km 102-3.8 Turn R.
4.4 km 102-4.4 Cross Wadi and continue on path L of Wadi.
5 km 102-5 From Wadi bottom, turn R uphill to reach 4×4.
5.2 km 102-5.2 Turn L, stay on 4×4 following the ridge SE.
6.4 km 102-6.4 Keep following 4×4 as it curves L.
7.1 km 102-7.1 Stay straight on dirt 4×4 (R to Abu Zaydan’s house)
7.3 km 102-7.3 At top of hillcrest (olive grove in stone wall to L), turn R/S to join a donkey path, passing large carob tree.
7.6 km 102-7.6 At fading track, keep going down to wadi stream/bed on footpath/track.
7.8 km 102-7.8 Cross Wadi to L and follow L Wadi branch on track above.
8.1 km 102-8.1 Reach valley/wadi base at spring “Ain Qatara”, turn R uphill on footpath to reach edge of farm plot. (water present)
8.3 km 102-8.3 Follow ridge spine South to reach 4×4 at stone house 
9 km 102-9 Join 4×4 and continue in same direction
9.2 km 102-9.2 Turn R off 4×4 in direction of another 4×4
9.3 km 102-9.3 Join 4×4 and follow it downhill.
9.6 km 102-9.6 Stay straight downhill (not road down to R)
9.8 km 102-9.8 Leave 4×4 to follow a parallel footpath on R
10.1 km 102-10.1 Rejoin 4×4
10.2 km 102-10.2 At Y, turn L downhill
10.6 km 102-10.6 Continue straight ignoring track coming from L.
10.7 km 102-10.7 Turn L to join paved road (just below track, hot springs/cement building below)
10.8 km 102-10.8 Keep following paved road passing between olive groves, natural rock arch visible to L
11.4 km 102-11.4 At Y, turn R leaving paved road onto old 4×4 (disused military zone to L)
11.7 km 102-11.7 Join paved road and follow it downhill.
12.5 km 102-12.5 Stay straight (road on L to Pella Resthouse)
12.8 km 102-12.8  Leave paved road to L,  head down on footpath to Pella gate (If you continue with paved road, you reach modern town)
12.9 km 102-12.9 Pella ruins !, large church with columns, Stay straight, hop over flattened Pella fence
13.1 km 102-13.1 Follow streambed uphill.
13.4 km 102-13.4 Leave Wadi bottom to L, Following track
13.6 km 102-13.6 Keep following 4×4, pass nice rock lookout on R.
14.8 km 102-14.8 Continue in same direction on 4×4.
14.9 km 102-14.9 At T (Paved Road), turn R.
15 km 102-15 Turn L, leaving paved road toward farm building 
15.2 km 102-15.2 Turn L and across in direction of paved road.
15.5 km 102-15.5 Stay on wide dirt track on L side of wadi above valley floor.
16.1 km 102-16.1 Continue along Wadi, valley narrows, road visible above to L.
16.6 km 102-16.6  Stay R/straight downhill, ignore wadi branch coming from L.

17.4 km 102-17.4 Turn R and  follow wadi branch .
18.3 km 102-18.3 Stay straight in wadi uphill, wadi joins from L, cave dwelling visible on L. ( rugged, rocky terrain)
19.2 km 102-19.2 From wadi bottom, turn uphill to L and out of the wadi.
19.7 km 102-19.7 Head up on best found trail to reach Beit Idis church ruins.
19.9 km 102-19.9 Join track passing Beit Idis church ruins on L
20.3 km 102-20.3 At T (Paved Road), turn R with small electric line alongside.
20.4 km 102-20.4 Turn R leaving paved road, track starts at one room house, stay straight on track  on L side of stone wall with olive grove.
20.8 km 102-20.8 Continue on gravel 4×4 to reach paved road.
21 km 102-21 At T (Paved Road), turn L.
21.1 km 102-21.1 Stay straight, “Jesus Cave” and mosque on R.
21.4 km 102-21.4 At T, turn R and continue downhill along road.
22.6 km 102-22.6 At T (Main Road), turn R. (signs for “Jesus Cave” and “Beit Idis Church”)
22.8 km 102-22.8 Turn L at traffic light on main road.
23.7 km 102-23.7 Center of Beit Idis, large wide intersection with Eucalyptus trees and peach-colored houses
Basic Info:

The way heads south from the Ecopark gate rising gently around hills directly above the sub sea level agricultural plain of the Jordan Rift Valley to which it briefly descends, passing by fields before rising into the hills. Continuing south, paths and tracks cross the hilltops before a good track descends SW to the hot springs and natural arch beyond which a country lane leads to the Greco-Roman ruins of Pella with the Rest House on the hill above and the Countryside Hotel and homestays in the village of Tabgat Fahl below. We continue up the side of the impressive valley of Wadi el Jirim directly behind the ruins to emerge through pine trees onto upland meadows. Still following the line of the valley up, now called Wadi Sir you pass the ruins of a Byzantine Church and on to the ‘Jesus Cave’ before heading for the village of Beit Idis.

Ajloun has bus connections to AmmanJerash, and Irbid
Things to See:
– Natural stone arch, hot springs, Pella ruins
Water at both stage ends; food shops around Pella and meals if staying at Pella Countryside Hotel


Local Contacts:

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