Jordan Trail | 3- Beit Idis to Rasoun
The Jordan Trail is a continuous route crossing the entire country of Jordan, offering over 600 kilometers of trail and 36 days of beautiful hiking through diverse
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Hikes in the Region


1: Um Qais to Ziglab


2: Ziglab to Beit Idis


3: Beit Idis to Rasoun


4: Rasoun to Ajloun Castle


  • Distance: 15.2 km
  • Time:  4 – 6 hours
  • Physical Challenge: Moderate
  • Trail Difficulty: Moderate
  • Waymarked: Yes

To download the Jordan Trail GPS tracks, click here.

Distance        Waypoint         Walking Notes
0.0 103-0.0 Follow main road N.
0.18 103-0.18 Continue straight to smaller road, leaving main road as it bends L.
0.26 103-0.26 Turn R.
0.51 103-0.51 At T, turn L and follow road all the way downhill.
1.1 103-1.1 At T, tun R.
1.17 103-1.17 Continue straight in wadi NE through olive groves and hop over small stone fence.
1.6 103-1.6 Keep following Wadi uphill, royal lodge fence on R, pass army bunkes, follow old paved “Ottoman Road”, reach Wadi Seer base.
2.1 103-2.1 Turn L and walk out of wadi in direction of paved road (crossing rusty barbed wire fence) This is private land, please be respectful.
2.4 103-2.4 At paved road, turn R and follow road uphill at corner of Royal Lodge. (Coffee shop on L).
3.9 103-3.9 Keep following main road.
4.7 103-4.7 Turn L and keep L on small paved road.
4.9 103-4.9 Turn R leaving paved road with terraced farm on R, follow fence.
5.1 103-5.1 Turn L NE leaving farm behind, stay straight, paths cross R & L
5.3 103-5.3 Stay straight, trail meets from L, power line tower visible on L
5.38 103-5.38 Stay straight, pass cave on R
5.4 103-5.4 Continue in same direction through the forest.
6 103-6 Keep Straight (not R on small cleared terraces), after about 120 m turn R 90 degrees.
6.2 103-6.2 Stay straight, pass cave on R.
6.4 103-6.4 Trail switches back to L sharply.
6.7 103-6.7 At small clearing with faint crossroads of footpaths, turn R and follow Wadi up (cairn).
7.9 103-7.9 Ain Zubia (spring in cave surrounded by rubble in middle of large clearing), Join 4×4 and follow it up.
8.3 103-8.3 Turn R leaving 4×4 track and cutting throught the forests (4×4 track goes back to Zubia) (Pass seasonal water pools)
9 103-9 Stay straight.
9.64 103-9.64 Stay straight at footpath crossroads (L to Zubia, R to Birquish cave)
9.68 103-9.68 At small clearing, Continue heading SE through the forest (cairn)
10.6 103-10.6 Turn R as Zubia and Qabla wadis join, continue until you’re out of the forest, then keep R/S side of Qabla ruins and follow track across flat dirt area to road between farms.
11.3 103-11.3 Go around the trees to paved road.
11.4 103-11.4 Stay straight following road.
12.3 103-12.3 Stay straight down (do not take road on L)
12.7 103-12.7 At T (Bigger Road) turn L (nice shade tree nearby).
12.8 103-12.8 Turn sharp R (sign-posted Kufr Rakib, Birqash)
13.4 103-13.4 Turn L leaving wide main road.
14.2 103-14.2 After steep downhill, leave broken asphalt road to L and continue on best found paths through forest around hillside to reach an olive grove (cave on hillside, great views).
14.9 103-14.9 At beginning of olive grove, continue in same direction on side of it.
15.1 103-15.1 Turn L/E to join an asphlt road between farms.
15.3 103-15.3 At T at fenced-in olive grove, turn R staying on asphalt road.
15.6 103-15.6 Turn R leaving asphalt road onto 4×4 farm track.
15.7 103-15.7 Turn L at Wadi Rasoun base.
15.8 103-15.8 At edge of town, continue straight joining paved road.
15.9 103-15.9 At T, turn R then first L passing Shawashreh Family homestay on R
16.1 103-16.1 At T, turn R.
16.19 103-16.19 At T, turn L (Rasoun modern, new mosque on R )
16.2 103-16.2 A T, turn R. (Ayoun Municipality)
Basic Info:

Small lanes lead N out of the village and across the upper reaches of Wadi Sir to a road rising up though wooded countryside before descending NE into the beautiful and thickly wooded Wadi Zubia. Dependent on the season there may be water in the stream. Follow the valley up until the trees thin out, revealing the cisterns and ruins of Roman Qabla up to the left. A lane then goes S up the hillside to where the main road is followed W before descending a wooded valley and hillside and crossing Wadi Orjan to reach Rasoun village and homestays.

Ajloun has bus connections to AmmanJerash, and Irbid

Adnan Megdadi family homestay in Beit Idis; Shawashreh family homestay in Rasoun

Things to See:
King’s Royal Lodge and hunting area; Qabla ruins, Zubia forest, seasonal pools in Wadi Zubia


Water and food shops at both stage ends in villages; there is a coffee shop a few km from Beit Idis


Local Contacts:

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