Jordan Trail | 3- Kafrien Dam to Oyoun Al Theeb
The Jordan Trail is a continuous route crossing the entire country of Jordan, offering over 600 kilometers of trail and 36 days of beautiful hiking through diverse
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  • Distance: 20.8 km
  • Time:   7 hours
  • Physical Challenge: Difficult
  • Trail Difficulty: Moderate
  • Waymarked: No

To download the GPS track, click here.

GPS recommended because 4×4 tracks mentioned in these notes are changing. 
Distance                     Waypoint                       Walking Notes
0 km 303-0 STAGE START: Kufrain Dam on L, follow paved road downhill.
480 m 303-0.48 At T, turn L.
1.1 km 303-1.1 At T, turn L. (Ancient building on R)
2 km 303-2 At Y, turn R entering Kufrain the village.
2.8 km 303-2.8 At Y, with dry fountain turn L.
3.1 km 303-3.1 At Y, turn R.
3.4 km 303-3.4 At T, turn L.
3.5 km 303-3.5 At cross with mosque on R turn R.
3.8 km 303-3.8 At T, leave road heading straight/slightly R crossing small road following an obvious footpath on   L of stream bed.
4.1 km 303-4.1 Cross stream bed to foot path going uphill all the way to the paved road.
4.3 km 303-4.3 Cross main road straight to next paved road.(crossing small stream bed)
4.6 km 303-4.6 Join paved road to R.
4.69 km 303-4.69 At T, turn L.
4.9 km 303-4.9 Just after building with trees and flowers (Fertilizers Factory), turn L along 4×4
5.1 km 303-5.1 Join foot path going to the R.
5.3 km 303-5.3 Walk along rock wall with Oasis on R.
5.6 km 303-5.6 Turn L along footpath.
6.3 km 303-6.3 Join streambed.
6.5 km 303-6.5 Leave streambed to R, towards 4×4.
6.7 km 303-6.7 Follow 4×4 with construction site on R, all the way down to a wadi/stream.
8.5 km 303-8.5 Follow 4×4 with electricity poles.
9.5 km 303-9.5 At Y, turn R to lower 4×4.
10.1 km 303-10.1 Turn R and continue along 4×4.
10.5 km 303-10.5 At Y, turn L round hill following 4×4 all the way, passing electricity pole on L and crossing stream bed.
11.6 km 303-11.6 Cross stream bed straight along 4×4 (the only shade for a while)
12.1 km 303-12.1 Follow 4×4 all the way to paved road. (Civil Defense building visible)
12.4 km 303-12.4 Cross “Nebo Road” (Syagha Road) into an obvious 4×4 going south west.
13.5 km 303-13.5 Scramble down the rocks following foot path all the way down to water stream.
13.7 km 303-13.7 Walk through dense reeds.
13.72 km 303-13.72 From Wadi Hiri, walk up against water stream
13.8 km 303-13.8 At large rock just before Sand Dam, exit Wadi bed to the R following footpath through reeds.
13.84 km 303-13.84 Follow 4×4 going uphill south west all the way to the top of hill. scattered Rocks on R.
14.1 km 303-14.1 At T with open field in front, turn R then in 50 Meters turn L.
14.63 km 303-14.63 At Y, continue on L with small white concrete room on R. (Mekhled Al-Ababsah house). On L Guava an d Tomato farms.
14.69 km 303-14.69 Continue straight ignoring 4×4 on L.
14.8 km 303-14.8 At T with trees in front, turn R and then first L towards Electricity Tower, passing under it.
15 km 303-15 At cross, Continue straight with farm on L.
15.5 km 303-15.5 At cross, turn R and walk towards the L side of mound (Electricity Tower behind mound)
15.6 km 303-15.6 At dry stream at foot of mound turn L and round mound. (unclear footpath)
15.8 km 303-15.8 At L of mound turn R to rocky hill, west south west, bearing 230
15.9 km 303-15.9 Cross small dry stream straight uphill and keep going on bearing 230 parallel to Electricity Towers, crossing rocky hills and wide dry wadi.
16.3 km 303-16.3 Cross 4×4 straight down wadi and up to another 4×4.
16.5 km 303-16.5 Cross 4×4 in same direction, heading towards the far Electricity Towers crossing many dry streams.(Follow Goat trails)
17.4 km 303-17.4 At dry stream from, start curving more west.
17.7 km 303-17.7 Cross small water stream, heading towards the Electricity Towers 4×4.
17.9 km 303-17.9 Join 4×4 and continue south.
19.2 km 303-19.2 Another 4×4 joins from L, continue straight on same 4×4
19.4 km 303-19.4 Few small buildings scattered on R and incomplete concrete building on L.
20.8 km 303-20.8 STAGE END: Oyoun Al-Theeb Road
Basic Info:

Head S on small roads and cross the main highway, then continue through harsh terrain, crossing the Mt Nebo road before heading generally SSW with few landmarks along the elevated Dead Sea plateau. It is a unique area with its own barren beauty with nice views to the Dead Sea and the hills in Palestine, but with easy walking.

Taxis go from Amman to Kufrain.
Wild Camping.
Things to See:
– Kufrain Dam.
– Historical building.
– Civil Defense Station.
– Nebo Road (Road leading to Mount Nebo).
– Wadi Hiri (small stream/ water needs purification before drinking).
Wadi Mukhaires ( Near the end point/ top end is dry usually).
– The trail passes through Kufrain Village.
– Shade is limited on the entire stage.
– No toilets
– Mobile service available on the entire stage
– Food and Water might be available at the beginning in Kufrain Village.
– No ATM