Jordan Trail | 3- King Talal Dam to Rmeimeen
The Jordan Trail is a continuous route crossing the entire country of Jordan, offering over 600 kilometers of trail and 36 days of beautiful hiking through diverse
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  • Distance: 15.7 km
  • Time: 5 to 6 hours
  • Physical Challenge: Moderate
  • Trail Difficulty: Moderate
  • Waymarked: No

To download the GPS track, click here.

Distance   Waypoint            Walking Notes
0 m 203-0 STAGE START: Continue on R along 4×4.
1.1 km 203-1.1 Surface change from 4×4 to paved road, continue with paved road all the way to the top.
1.3 km 203-1.3 Where paved road joins from R, Continue straight.
1.9 km 203-1.9 Where paved road joins from L, Electricity pole and brown farm gate on R, turn L downhill into 4×4 then directly take the first R into another 4×4 cutting through olive groves.
2.8 km 203-2.8 Continue on same 4×4 turning L almost 180 degrees, walking on the other side of Wadi, winding up all the way to the top of hill.
4.4 km 203-4.4 At Y, turn R almost 180 degrees and follow same 4×4 until you get to paved road.
5 km 203-5 Hit paved road and turn R in direction of big high voltage electricity pole (Fenced olive groves on L)
5.4 km 203-5.4 Continue straight ignoring L downhill road.
6.8 km 203-6.8 At cross with nice yellow house on R, continue straight.
10.1 km 203-10.1 Where rock wall with small house and olive grove on R, and long concrete wall on L, turn L into paved road by electricity pole.
10.4 km 203-10.4 long white poultry building on L.
10.9 km 203-10.9 Olive grove and poultry barracks on.
11.7 km 203-11.7 At T with olive groves on R & L, turn R in direction of 2 big Oak trees.
11.8 km 203-11.8 At Y with electricity pole, turn L downhill walking along same semi paved road with Oak trees on R, ignoring 4×4 on R.
12.1 km 203-12.1 Continue straight with olive grove on L, ignoring road on L.
12.8 km 203-12.8 Pomegranate farms on L.
13.4 km 203-13.4 (Surface change to paved road) at T, turn L downhill towards the wadi.
14 km 203-14 Rmiemeen Waterfalls entrance gate.
14.4 km 203-14.4 Rmiemeen Waterfalls
14.6 km 203-14.6 Get to the top of water pipes and tunnel all the way to paved road. (Drinking water from pipes)
14.65 km 203-14.65 Hit paved road and turn R uphill with Wadi on L.
14.9 km 203-14.9 Over a 100 year old Walnut tree on R.
15 km 203-15 4×4 joins from L, continue straight.
15.1 km 203-15.1 Continue straight ignoring 4×4 on L.
15.2 km 203-15.2 Continue along paved road towards Mosque.
15.4 km 203-15.4 At Y turn L towards Mosque
15.5 km 203-15.5 STAGE END: Rmiemeen Main Road.
Basic Info:

Once across the dam wall, a series of paths, sometimes steep, lead up to the hilltop from where tracks and country lanes continue S through rich agricultural land to arrive at a small waterfall. From there we take a path up to the mixed Christian & Muslim village of Rmemeem with its mosque, church, and café.

Rmemeen Transport Hub:
(Minimarket + Bakery).
Just ask any of the cars parking in front of the Bakery in Rmemeen main road, if no cars available ask the Minimarket or Bakery and they will order a car for you.
– Abu Laith 0788578249 / 0799215871
(Rmemeen Village).
– Abu Mo’taz 0772482160
(Rmemeen Village).
Things to See:
– Rmemeen Waterfalls (Free and open 24/7).
– Mobile signal available almost all along the stage.
– Water and food available in villages along the way in Restaurants, Bakery and Minimarkets.
Local Contacts:

1. Local contacts in villages along trail: