Jordan Trail | 3- Shakriya TO Rum Village
The Jordan Trail is a continuous route crossing the entire country of Jordan, offering over 600 kilometers of trail and 36 days of beautiful hiking through diverse
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  • Distance: 12.1 km
  • Time:    hours
  • Physical Challenge: Moderate
  • Trail Difficulty: Moderate
  • Waymarked: No

To download the GPS track, click here.

Distance             Waypoint             Walking Notes
0 km 803-0 STAGE START: From Titen Village, head to big Wadi North West, and walk parallel to paved road.
2.1 km 803-2.1 Cross paved road, and continue in same direction parallel to paved road, keeping dark hill on L.
3.6 km 803-3.6 Continue straight North/West passing wide Wadi on L, aiming to the next Wadi on L after a hill with piles of rocks on top.
4.7 km 803-4.7 Go West through the Wadi.
5.1 km 803-5.1 Continue in same direction, crossing over the hill on L, with Wadi on R.
6 km 803-6 Keep going straight West along the Wadi, ignoring the Wadi branch coming from L
6.2 km 803-6.2 Where Wadi Splits into 2 branches, follow the L branch, heading straight West in direction of Saddle, ignoring Wadis coming from R and L.
6.4 km 803-6.4 Passing the saddle, as you are on the top of low hill, continue straight down the gap, west following footpath.
7.2 km 803-7.2 As you exit the Wadi, pass a small square rock room and continue west.
7.8 km 803-7.8 Cross Wadi with pylons, heading north west towards the highest mountain, along wide wadi bed.
11.7 km 803-11.7 As you approach the highest mountain, continue along the wadi south west with mountain on R.
12.8 km 803-12.8 Head to the lowest pass on R to where 4×4 stops and then turn R to north.
13.3 km 803-13.3 Good views across valley and mountains to Red Sea. Do not descend here. Go along ridge to NNW to reach the top end of Wadi.
13.6 km 803-13.6 Follow the lowest pass, with a well used path through pink rocks heading SSW. down the hillside with a wadi below to the L.
14.1 km 803-14.1 Path crosses a narrow wadi and continues down in same direction.
14.8 km 803-14.8 Continue WSW between two steep sided wadis.
15.2 km 803-15.2 Head WSW on low ridge parallel to 4×4 on L, across a wide valley with small hills.
16.5 km 803-16.5 When the ridge descends, go R to rejoin the track and continue down into the narrowing valley aiming towards a red rock stripe on the hill ahead. Follow the valley as it bends R and joins a bigger valley.
18.3 km 803-18.3 Go up the Wadi L for 100m to reach a little side valley on R, enter little Wadi.
18.6 km 803-18.6 STAGE END: Good camping spot with Acacia trees (Final Camp).
Basic Info:

A day of variety. A small road connects Titin to Aqaba. Walking through desert valleys between red, black and brown quartz mountains with acacias and with good views, to reach the final campsite at the foot of the last barrier of hills before the Red Sea.