Jordan Trail | 3- Karaka to Ma’tan
The Jordan Trail is a continuous route crossing the entire country of Jordan, offering over 600 kilometers of trail and 36 days of beautiful hiking through diverse
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Hikes in the Region


1: Karak to Tor Al-Taboun


2: Tor Al-Taboun to Karaka


3: Karaka to Ma’tan


4: Ma’tan to Dana


  • Distance: 20.9 km
  • Time:   8 hours
  • Physical Challenge: Difficult
  • Trail Difficulty: Moderate
  • Waymarked: No

To download the GPS track, click here.

Distance Waypoint Walking Notes
0.0 km 502-0.0 Go south west along 4×4.
830 m 502-0.83 At cross continue straight in same direction.
1 km 502-1 Turn R uphill leaving the Wadi behind.
1.7 km 502-1.7 Before fenced olive grove, turn R to an obvious 4×4, heading in direction of buildings.
2.3 km 502-2.3 Join old paved road and continue in direction of buildings.
3 km 502-3 At crossroads where quality of road improves, turn L and continue along paved road staying on L of houses.
3.4 km 502-3.4 At T (main road), turn L.
3.6 km 502-3.6 Take first R.
3.8 km 502-3.8 Go L on vague path across small shallow wadi, aiming south.
4.4 km 502-4.4 Descend rounded ridge parallel to wadi.
4.7 km 502-4.7 Continue down to flat land below then cross track and wadi onto path and go L of building. Follow wadi down a short way then re-cross it where it narrows and steepens and follow path.
5.1 km 502-5.1 Continue on path on R side of wadi, passing cave houses.
5.3 km 502-5.3 Pass more cave dwellings and underground houses on both sides of wadi then go L and continue down ignoring 4×4 on L.
5.5 km 502-5.5 Cross to L side of wadi and continue on L side of old fence. Keep alongside wadi on track right of house and orchard.
6 km 502-6 Cross track and go down R side of wadi to a small road with field on L.
6.1 km 502-6.1 Cross the road and continue down S at the T junction, following the road as it bends round E above then between the cliffs of Tor Taboun.
6.7 km 502-6.7 From Road, turn R south to 4×4.
6.9 km 502-6.9 Cross road again to 4×4 heading south.
7.2 km 502-7.2 At T, turn L.
7.7 km 502-7.7 Continue on same main track, zig zaging down. Ignoring track on L.
9.5 km 502-9.5 Turn L and keep zig zaging down south along 4×4.
10.9 km 502-10.9 Cross the wadi just below the wadi junction. It’s a 5m descent and ascent with a little scramble.
10.95 km 502-10.95 Follow 4×4 south, walking through farms
11.8 km 502-11.8 After buildings on L, turn R.
12 km 502-12 At T, turn R.
12.05 km 502-12.05 Continue along 4×4 towards Wadi Hasa stream.
12.2 km 502-12.2 Cross Wadi and continue along 4×4 to reach “Burbeita” hot springs.
12.7 km 502-12.7 Burbeita hot springs
Basic Info:

Fresh from the Hot Spring, you have a long but pleasant uphill walk to start the day, winding up over the shoulders of a broad ridge with great views both up and down the canyon (and a camp of Jahaleen Bedouin not far to the W). Just before cresting the ridge a track is met which heads S along the ridge. Small roads then continue S all the way to Ais.