Jordan Trail | 4- Little Petra to Petra
The Jordan Trail is a continuous route crossing the entire country of Jordan, offering over 600 kilometers of trail and 36 days of beautiful hiking through diverse
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  • Distance: 12.6 km
  • Time:   3 – 4 hours
  • Physical Challenge: Moderate
  • Trail Difficulty: Moderate
  • Waymarked: No

To download the GPS track, click here.

Walking Notes
004 At the entrance of Little Petra, turn L to continue the hike, along a wide dirt road. Along the way are signs with dates moving backward in history
007 At junction, keep L. You may notice rocks painted orange and/or yellow, intermittently marking the trail, starting around here
008 At Y junction, continue straight/R. The Neolithic village site is just to the R ahead
009 Neolithic village entrance
010 Turn R after the village
011 Continue straight, passing 4×4 tracks on L and R; keep a large sand dune on your L
012 Cross wadi, then curve R with the 4×4 track, keeping the wadi bed just on R
013 Continue straight past a 4×4 heading R, and a small pit – still keeping the wadi on R
14+ Continue straight, crossing the wadi bed
15+ Continue straight as a 4×4 joins from L
014 Continue straight, crossing wadi bed again
015 Continue straight, passing a 4×4 track on L. Stay L at the uphill Y-junction, around rock, heading uphill. Around the top of the hill, you’ll see a steel door in the side of the rock on L
016 Keep following 4×4
017 Turn R onto a 4×4 track away from the current track (rock with an orange arrow pointing R)
018 Track curves slightly L just after two other 4×4’s join from L
019 Turn R at junction; head toward largest visible rock peak, which appears to have a boulder sitting on its top
020 At Y-junction, curve to R; you’ll see a door in the hillside about 300m away
021 Turn L as dirt road continues toward two buildings and small fenced farm area. As you continue, you’ll see the town of Um Sahoun through a gap in the rocks to L)
022 ?
023 Passing fenced area on L and building on R, continue on 4×4 down into the wadi and up the other side
024 At crest of hill, turn L off the 4×4 track to a rocky track, taking you to the foot of the large rock formations L; follow the edge of these cliffs, soon picking up another 4×4 track. Note that from here, the intermittent orange-painted rocks head in a different direction.
025 As you reach the corner of the rock formation, with a juniper tree on L, stay left, still hugging the rock formation, heading downhill
026 At the low point, as the track begins to turn R away from cliffs on L, turn R, heading on a bearing of 220 degrees, aiming for a small track zigzagging uphill towards the R end of the next high rock formation
027 After crossing the wadi bed, turn R toward zigzag path directly toward R end of rock formation ahead, crossing dark red and black rocks and stone terraces as you go uphill
028 When you reach the rock formation, ignoring a sign saying not to enter Petra (make sure you have your valid ticket!), turn R down into a wadi, keeping the cliffs just L
029 Turn R onto maintained path down into wadi; from here, the path is well-maintained and often consists of constructed steps for the next kilometer, making it easy to follow
LOOKOUT2 Continuing on the clear, maintained path around the ridge, pass the first of several scenic lookouts – on a clear day you may be able to see over the Araba into the Negev Desert
030 Pass ruins of Umm Saysaba, a Bronze age settlement
031 As the maintained path ends, continue on a level ledge along the edge of the cliffs
032 Pass pile of stone swith good lookout; path heads downhill, still hugging rock face on L
033 After another short uphill climb, pass another great lookout with a fire pit
034 Pass a section of trail that’s been fortified and expanded with stones below; come into the view of a hilltop with flags; continue round the side of the cliff and down on a very rocky section
035 Scramble up a slope of rocks between two larger boulders, then stay L
(Matt’s notes take over here, hence different numbers
118 (Monastery) Pass the Monastery on L and a café on R
119 Take steps down, past Monastery on L; continue following the stairs downhill for 1.4 km
120 At end of steps, continue on path
121 Basin restaurant on L; continue over bridge
122 Pass Nabatean restaurant on R
123 Turn L onto large dirt road, the Colonnaded Street
197 Continue E on the large dirt road (Colonnaded Street), passing the temple ruins (Qasr al-Bint) on R and heading toward the numerous tombs carved in the cliff face
211 Curve R with the main street; then turn L up the staircase leading toward the tombs. Turn L and walk along the wall of tombs , curving slowly R to keep the cliffs and tombs on your R
196 At a sign with directions to Byzantine Church, Qasr al-Bint Area and al-Khubtha Trail, continue straight, keeping the cliffs on your R (the al-Khubtha Trail leads about 1.6 km up to a lookout over the Treasury)
192 Reach another sign indicating “Main Trail”, “al-Khubtha Trail” and “Sextius Florentinus Tomb”. Continue ahead for the Tomb
(add point) Pass Sextius Florentinus Tomb on R; continue along rocky trails along the foot of the cliffs above to R
191 Head down from hard rock to walk on a sandy path, still keeping the rock face on R
190 Head into a canyon, passing a stone wall on R and goat pen on L
189 With caves in front of you, turn R uphill into a narrower canyon
188 Turn R into another narrow canyon at the “junction”
187 Climb up under boulder lodged between canyon walls
186 Climb up out of slot canyon
185 Continue as path weaves through large boulders
184 Jog L and continue along the wadi bed in canyon
183 Exit tunnel, continuing straight on in the wadi bed
182 STAGE END: Beginning of Siq
Basic Info:

Petra via ‘The Back Door’! Good tracks go pleasantly down Wadi Ghurab amidst sandstone mountains guarding the approaches to Petra. This way follows a Nabataean route out of the valley and skirting round the final mountain on a natural rock terrace which has been ‘improved’ by the PAP for the safety of walkers. Even so, it still narrows slightly before reaching a hidden plateau high above the impressive chasm of Wadi Siyyagh. Just beyond, carved into the cliff face, ‘The Monastery’ suddenly comes into view. (Bedouin café). Nabataean steps then lead down into ancient Petra, through which the route goes before exiting past ‘The Treasury’ and though the famous ‘Petra Siq’ to the shops, cafés and hotels of Wadi Musa.


Regular minibuses run between Wadi Musa and Amman (from Amman’s south bus station) and Ma’an, as well as a daily (but inconsistent) bus to Wadi Rum. One JETT bus a day also runs from Amman to Wadi Musa (6:30am) and back (late afternoon)

Wadi Musa has countless hotels; there are several Bedouin camps near Little Petra (Ammarin, Rock, Seven Wonders)
Things to See:
Little Petra; Neolithic village ruins; Petra ruins: Monastery, Qasr al-Bint, Colonnaded Street, and an unusual back route through Petra (Note that entry to Petra requires a pass, which can only be purchased at the front entrance.  Because this route approaches Petra from the other direction, a pass must be purchased in advance.)


Water, snacks, bathrooms at Little Petra; water, snacks, restaurants, bathrooms, donkey rides at Petra; all city amenities in Wadi Musa (including ATMs)


Local Contacts:

Eid Al-Azazmeh: 0779265511/0797075683 (Guide & Moving Support)


Abu Lu’ay Nawafleh: 0772177133/0772609093 (Guide & Moving Support)


Mahmoud Bdoul: 0772448166 (Local Guide from Petra)