Jordan Trail | 4- Oyoun Al Theeb to Wadi Zarqa Main
The Jordan Trail is a continuous route crossing the entire country of Jordan, offering over 600 kilometers of trail and 36 days of beautiful hiking through diverse
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Hikes in the Region


1: Fuheis to Iraq Al-Amir


2: Iraq Al-Amir to Kafrain Dam


3: Kafrain Dam to Oyoun Al-Theeb


4: Oyoun Al-Theeb to Wadi Zarqa Ma’in


  • Distance: 20.8 km
  • Time:   7 hours
  • Physical Challenge: Difficult
  • Trail Difficulty: Moderate
  • Waymarked: No

To download the GPS track, click here.

Distance             Waypoint             Walking Notes
0 km 304-0 Stage Start: Follow “Oyoun Al-Theeb” paved road slightly uphill (east).
1.5 km 304-1.5 After bend, where 2 high electricity towers are visible on bearing 170 on far mountain and 4×4 Y-junction is on R, turn   downhill into the L 4×4 of the Y-junction.
1.7 km 304-1.7 Cross Wadi Mukhaires bed heading south west. (Slightly east is easier to cross)
2 km 304-2 At the top of hill where vision is clear, aim towards the next big hill on bearing 180
2.8 km 304-2.8 Cross 4×4 and continue towards the west side of the hill in front of you.
3.2 km 304-3.2 Cross another 4×4 straight in same direction.
3.3 km 304-3.3 Cross another smaller 4×4, continuing in same direction.
3.5 km 304-3.5 Cross another 4×4 with big kern on L.
3.6 km 304-3.6 Cross Wadi going in same direction, following goat trails.
3.9 km 304-3.9 Between 2 rock hills with big kern on L, Continue heading south towards next hill following traces of 4×4.
4.2 km 304-4.2 Cross 4×4 and continue south uphill.
4.4 km 304-4.4 At the top of hill, you arrive to a rock ridge with kern, Line of electricity towers is visible behind the hills in the horizon. From here head down and towards next hill south.
4.8 km 304-4.8 At the top of hill, aim towards the electricity tower, south west between 2 hills.
5.3 km 304-5.3 When your at the R side of hill, keep going towards the electricity tower on bearing 200.
5.4 km 304-5.4 Continue in same direction, (kern on top of R hill).
5.8 km 304-5.8 Cross dry streambed and walk between hills along dry stream.
6 km 304-6 At Y of dry steams, follow goat trails going along R stream south west, towards line of electricity towers and the start curving south east round the hill.
6.4 km 304-6.4 Cross wadi Dardur and continue all the way to the top of hill.
6.8 km 304-6.8 Cross 4×4 and line of electricity towers, aiming to the gap between hills and trees in the middle.
7.5 km 304-7.5 Join 4×4 going south.
8 km 304-8 Ignore L 4×4 and continue straight.
8.9 km 304-8.9 After small bridge with concrete pipes under, leave 4×4 and head southwest cross country.
10.2 km 304-10.2 Arrive at a saddle where buildings and panorama road are visible on the horizon, head towards the Westside of dark small hill.
11 km 304-11 From flat area, curve slightly south east and join footpath (Roman Road).
11.5 km 304-11.5 From this point start heading south south west, towards the gap between lowest hill and buildings.
12.3 km 304-12.3 Join 4×4 going south south west.
12.8 km 304-12.8 leave 4×4, continuing in same direction but slightly more east.
13.2 km 304-13.2 Cross dry streambed and follow path going uphill.
14.2 km 304-14.2 Wadi Himara bridge visible on R (west), Continue straight to Wadi Himara bed.
14.6 km 304-14.6 Cross Wadi Himara bed into wide path, following it all the way to the top of hill.
14.9 km 304-14.9 At the top of hill, hit paved road and turn L uphill all the way to the top.
16.3 km 304-16.3 Hit Panorama road and turn L, continue along road 325 m.
16.7 km 304-16.7 Leave road, heading east in direction of small dry stream bed to join the Roman Road.
16.9 km 304-16.9 Contour clockwise on the track round a small hill and up to a pass on its left.
17.3 km 304-17.3 Go through the pass to see good views down to the deep valley of Zarqa Main and the Roman road heading E to the next ridge.
17.5 km 304-17.5 Continue along the track to the next ridge, old walls on saddle just below. Continue.
17.7 km 304-17.7 The track crosses a wadi. Continue with old walls on right.
18 km 304-18 Follow the wall and track which curve down to an open valley to SE. Cross a small wadi and go out L onto ridge above a saddle (still some walls on R)
18.2 km 304-18.2 Make your way down still following the wall to just above the saddle and follow the wall down L into the valley, though still on the right of the valley
18.5 km 304-18.5 When the wall ends, go down L into the wadi bed then leave it almost immediately for a path on the L. Enter wadi briefly and go down a dry waterslide then continue along the wadi, until the obvious wall on the right stops. Do NOT continue down the wadi!
18.8 km 304-18.8 Follow the track and wall going out L onto the ridge and trending L to the next ridge and down into the next valley on the L (path visible beyond on the other side).
19.1 km 304-19.1 Follow wall down L into the valley.
19.3 km 304-19.3 Wall ends. Cross wadi and continue down valley on path on L, trending L.
19.8 km 304-19.8 Enter and cross a large parallel valley soon rising up on a path on its L.
20 km 304-20 Follow path out and down to good viewpoint into the dramatic gash of Wadi Zarqa Main canyon with its basalt columns. It’s now possible to follow small path SE on the canyon rim, but why not go up a short distance to return to the walled Roman road and follow that.
20.2 km 304-20.2 Follow the track SE until it becomes a shepherd’s path passing between rocks along the rim again, above basalt cliffs
20.8 km 304-20.8 STAGE END: Wadi Zarqa Mai’n
Basic Info:

Easy walking in wild, barren surrounds as you continue S, still close to higher hills to your E, meeting remnants of the old Roman road from Jerusalem to Mukawir, and following a track left of a camel racing track before crossing the upper reaches of Wadi Himmara. On the S side, a track rises up E to meet a road on the skyline, after which the Roman road is found again winding down a surprisingly easy and spectacular descent to above the basalt columned cliffs of the Zerqa Main canyon, which is easily crossed by a path which descends through the cliffs to reach it. The area is dotted with Bedouin camps and you are likely to come across biblical scenes of shepherds grazing their flocks of sheep and goats.

Buses go to Madaba, and from Madaba you can take a taxi to the start point.
Wild Camping.
Things to See:
– Wadis along the stage:
1. Wadi Mukhaires
2. Wadi Dardur
3. Wadi Himara
4. Wadi Zarqa Mai’n

– Roman Road (From Panorama road to WZM).

– No Water.
– No Food.
– Start point accessible by car.
– End point accessible by 4×4.
– No Shade.
– No bathrooms.
– Mobile service available most of the time.
– Few flat open areas possible for camping.
– No ATM.
Local Contacts:
1. Local contacts in villages along trail:
– Abu-Saif Bani Hamida: 0777037559 (Accommodation/Transportation)
– Abu Majed: 0776501901 (Transportation around Wadi Zarqa Ma’in)

2. Local tour operators or guides:
 Abu-Saif Bani Hamida: 0777037559