Jordan Trail | 4- Rasoun to Ajloun Castle
The Jordan Trail is a continuous route crossing the entire country of Jordan, offering over 600 kilometers of trail and 36 days of beautiful hiking through diverse
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Hikes in the Region


1: Um Qais to Ziglab


2: Ziglab to Beit Idis


3: Beit Idis to Rasoun


4: Rasoun to Ajloun Castle


  • Distance: 16.9 km
  • Time:  4 – 5 hours
  • Physical Challenge: Moderate
  • Trail Difficulty: Moderate
  • Waymarked: Yes

To download the Jordan Trail GPS tracks, click here.

Ditance           Waypoint          Walking Notes
0.0 km 104-0 From Ayoun Municipality coninue straight along main road out of Rasoun.
445 m 104-0.45 Turn R to a smaller paved road leaving main road. (Soap House on L)
1.4 km 104-1.4 Stay straight, lower track on R goes to Fatima Ayesh Homestay
1.5 km 104-1.5 At Y just after water pumping station “Ain Al-Tannour”, turn R on smaller paved road.
1.9 km 104-1.9 Stay straight, pass “Biscuit House” on L.
2.4 km 104-2.4 At Y, turn L then quick R at first road.
2.7 km 104-2.7 Stay straight (Sultan Zeitoun’s house on R, bathroom, food).
3 km 104-3 Continue straight on same road.
3.2 km 104-3.2 Continue straight/R as another road joins from L.
3.3 km 104-3.3 At junction, turn L.
3.4 km 104-3.4 At T, turn R and continue straight passing Orjan center circle.
3.8 km 104-3.8 After intersection, at Y, turn R.
5.1 km 104-5.1 Cross Wadi Baoun over cement bridge, continue straight on 4×4 in direction of paved road.
5.4 km 104-5.4 At paved road, turn L.
5.5 km 104-5.5 After 130m on paved road, turn R onto footpath (Small graveyrad area)
5.6 km 104-5.6 At paved road, turn R (Huge Roman Olive Trees)
5.8 km 104-5.8 Continue straight as another paved road joins from L.
6 km 104-6 At T (Main Road), turn L.
6.2 km 104-6.2 Turn R leaving main road.
6.3 km 104-6.3 At Y, turn L.
6.5 km 104-6.5 At crossroads (Road bend), turn R and keep R on road leading out of Baoun (L if going into Baoun small shop with snacks and water/drinks “Hawalri”, town center has restaurants)
6.6 km 104-6.6 Stay straight at “Al Sahaba” mosque in Baoun on R.
7.3 km 104-7.3 Stay straight at 4-way junction, few houses nearby
7.4 km 104-7.4 Turn L on lower 4×4.
7.7 km 104-7.7 Continue down as track fades.
7.8 km 104-7.8 Cross bottom of wadi, turn R/W in direction of small quarry.
8.1 km 104-8.1 At small quarry, turn L.
8.3 km 104-8.3 At junction (4×4) with large pile of stones in the middle, turn L.
8.5 km 104-8.5 At T, Turn L.
8.9 km 104-8.9 Keep R at Y on path going uphill.
9.2 km 104-9.2 At T with Mosque on R, turn L.
9.4 km 104-9.4 About 175 m from the Mosque, turn R off paved road in direction of Mar Elias church ruins.
9.7 km 104-9.7 At Mar Elias Entrance, turn R and follow the road all the way leaving the church.
10.1 km 104-10.1 At T, turn R.
11 km 104-11 At T (Main Road), turn R.
11.08 km 104-11.08 After 55 m on main road, turn L through trees then stay on R side of wall/fence. (Small farm)
11.2 km 104-11.2 Continue down in same direction following wadi. (long gap in forest)
12.1 km 104-12.1 Keep R and follow the wadi all the way to power line tower.
12.5 km 104-12.5 At power line tower, join 4×4 and continue in same direction towards paved road.
12.7 km 104-12.7 Cross over paved road, continue straight to enter the forest in front.
12.89 km 104-12.89 Continue through the forest, take best found path following direction of power lines to next large power line tower. (thick trees, steep and slippery leaves at points (but navigation simple)
13.1 km 104-13.1 At large power line tower, join 4×4 going S to next broken asphalt road.
13.4 km 104-13.4 At broken asphalt road, turn L.
13.7 km 104-13.7 Keep R, ignoring road on L.
14 km 104-14 At T, turn R.
14.4 km 104-14.4 Turn L onto 4×4 and continue along it as it bends R (nice farms, olive groves and orchards)
14.6 km 104-14.6 Stay on dirt road as it bends L at house.
14.8 km 104-14.8 At junction, turn R with farm on R and forest on L.
15 km 104-15 At end of 4×4, turn L and follow footpath on edge of private land to R of forest. (houses to R)
15.2 km 104-15.2 Stay straight with stone wall/vineyard on L
15.3 km 104-15.3 Turn R and join paved road downhill.
15.4 km 104-15.4 At T with stone fence, turn L.
15.7 km 104-15.7 Visitors center to  L and Ajloun Castle entrance to R (stone walls line on both sides of road)
Basic Info:

Generally easy walking today, often on country lanes through the rural villages of Al Ayoun with opportunities for a pre-arranged lunch in one of Al Ayoun’s homestays. RSCN’s Soap House and Calligraphy house are also nearby for an interesting visit. Then the walk meanders over increasingly high semi-forested hills and past the ruins of the ancient church of Mar Elyas to the Islamic castle of Ajloun on its dominating hilltop with a Visitor Centre, cafés and hotels (currently rather mediocre) in the town below.

Ajloun has bus connections to AmmanJerash, and Irbid

Shawashreh family homestay in Rasoun; multiple family homestays in Orjan; several guesthouses in Orjan; Ajloun Hotel and Qalet al-Jabal Hotel are on the road from Ajloun Castle to the center of town

Things to See:
RSCN shops selling local products; the 2.4km “Dolmens Trail” from Rasoun, around ancient stone structures in the hills; Orjan’s shops, ancient Listib mosque, Mar Elias church ruins, and the mountaintop Ajloun Castle (admission 2JD; water, snack shops, bathrooms)
Water and food shops at both stage ends; Biscuit House in Orjan sells locally-made specialty snacks; several restaurants in Ajloun; water, snack shops, bathrooms at Ajloun Castle
Local Contacts:

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