Jordan Trail | 4- Rmemeen to Fuhais
The Jordan Trail is a continuous route crossing the entire country of Jordan, offering over 600 kilometers of trail and 36 days of beautiful hiking through diverse
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  • Distance: 15.1 km
  • Time:  6 hours
  • Physical Challenge: Moderate
  • Trail Difficulty: Easy
  • Waymarked: No

To download the GPS track, click here.

Distance               Waypoint              Walking Notes
0 m 204-0 STAGE START: Rmiemeen Mosque & Church on L, head straight along main road.
120 m 204-0.12 Curve R with the main road.
990 m 204-0.99 Just before a house covered with brown and white stones where a medium size Oak tree is on L, turn R slightly uphill leaving the main road.
1.7 km 204-1.7 Cave on L.
1.9 km 204-1.9 Man made cave on L.
4.5 km 204-4.5 At Y, turn L into 4×4 in direction of big Oak tree and valley. (Big house with gate like castle on L)
5.3 km 204-5.3 Cliff with caves on top of L mountain.
5.9 km 204-5.9 Water tap on R. (needs purification)
6 km 204-6 Cave on L with ruins inside and ancient church on R.
6.2 km 204-6.2 At Y with fenced olive grove in the middle, turn R.
6.3 km 204-6.3 Water well on L. (fresh drinking water)
6.8 km 204-6.8 Cliffs and caves on top of L mountain.
7.5 km 204-7.5 At Y where rocky hill is in the middle, turn R into footpath in the valley.
8.3 km 204-8.3 When small generator and electricity pole is in front of you and olive grove is on R, turn L straight uphill to the top of hill.
8.7 km 204-8.7 Continue straight to the top of hill crossing road (under construction)
8.8 km 204-8.8 Join 4×4 uphill
9 km 204-9 Cross main road by traffic lights and continue straight keeping commercial building on L.
9.2 km 204-9.2 Continue straight with Jail on R. (Blue walls)
9.3 km 204-9.3 Plastic houses on L.
9.7 km 204-9.7 At big white house, turn L along road. (Mosque visible down the valley)
10.6 km 204-10.6 At intersection continue straight down into smaller road keeping fenced house with olive grove on L.
10.7 km 204-10.7 Continue straight ignoring L road.
10.8 km 204-10.8 Surface change from paved road to 4×4. (4×4 might be paved soon)
10.9 km 204-10.9 Continue down along same road until it stops.
11 km 204-11 Where road stops, turn L off road downhill towards the long 4×4 cutting through the hills.
11.3 km 204-11.3 Join long 4×4 all the way to the top.
11.8 km 204-11.8 At T (paved road), turn R uphill.
12.1 km 204-12.1 At Y, turn L/straight .
13.5 km 204-13.5 At T, turn R.
13.6 km 204-13.6 140 Meters after taking R from the T, at Y turn L uphill
13.7 km 204-13.7 Governmental building with concrete walls on L and sport climbing cliff on R.
14 km 204-14 At T on top of hill turn L and continue straight ignoring the road on L.
14.3 km 204-14.3 At T curve L downhill along the road.
14.5 km 204-14.5 Take the first road on R by a house and you’ll find stairs going down, follow the stairs to the end.
14.6 km 204-14.6 95 meters after the end of the stairs turn R down into another stairs with white residential building on R.
14.65 km 204-14.65 At the end of stairs turn R and then L following the road all the way to a small circle
14.8 km 204-14.8 Old buildings on R and L.
14.9 km 204-14.9 From small circle turn R towards another bigger circle with horse sculpture
14.99 km 204-14.99 From circle turn R downhill.
15 km 204-15 Zuwwadeh Restaurant
15.1 km 204-15.1 At T with old building on L, turn L downhill.
15.2 km 204-15.2 Church on L and school on R, continue straight along road.
15.6 km 204-15.6 Continue straight along main road ignoring road on R.
17.2 km 204-17.2 STAGE END: Red Sea Water Factory on R.
Basic Info:

Leave the village by the road and continue S along a good track up a deep valley between gardens, eventually rising up to cross a highway near Al Ahliyya university, then making you way around the head of the next valley touching the outskirts of the Christian town of Fuheis before reaching the Carakale Brewery.

Things to See:
– Rmemeen Church and Mosque.
– Caves.
– Ancient Church.
– Fuheis Sport Climbing routes.
– Church.
– Wadee’ Al-Safi Theater.
– Water & Food available at the start (Rmemeen) and end (Fuhais).
– Bathrooms are available in restaurants and Mosques along the stage.
– Mobile service available all the time.
– ATM machines available in Fuhais.
– There is more shade on the first half of the stage.
– Water tap (needs purification).
– Fresh Water well.
– Zuwwadeh Restaurant.