Jordan Trail | 5- Matan to Dana
The Jordan Trail is a continuous route crossing the entire country of Jordan, offering over 600 kilometers of trail and 36 days of beautiful hiking through diverse
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  • Distance: 15.1 km
  • Time:   hours
  • Physical Challenge: 
  • Trail Difficulty: 
  • Waymarked: No

To download the GPS track, click here.

Distance         Waypoint         Walking Notes
0 km 505-0 Start west of Ma’tan on stony track near “dolmen” blocks, following the beginning of (Ma’tan to Sela) trail
180 m 505-0.18 At “Al-Haireh” Water spring, continue on L path zig zagging down to old Junioer tree.
290 m 505-.29 Turn R to a smaller path.
455 m 505-0.45 Old Juniper tree, continue zig zaging down past old terraces, trending L heading for flat area with big cairn
750 m 505-0.75 Big cairn (used to be wheat thresher) on flat land, go R and across a narrow wadi onto terraces towards visible track below
1.1 km 505-1.1 Cross track and descend, still on R of the narrow wadi, then go easily R through cliffs and descend leftwards to big Wadi below
1.7 km 505-1.7 Cross Wadi and follow its R side with good view of the way up from the siq which is concealed in the valley bottom
1.8 km 505-1.8 Juniper tree surrounded with rocks, cross to L side of Wadi and follow foot path decending all the way down to the wadi bottom (siq)
2.1 km 505-2.1 Enter Siq (Wadi Ma’tan) on the steep path between cliffs and go down the siq for about 50 meters
2.2 km 505-2.2 Go up the walled path on S side of Siq and follow path up L side of small Wadi, R of fields to reach 4×4
2.6 km 505-2.6 At 4×4, turn L.
2.7 km 505-2.7 From olive trees by the track, go uphill a short way to meet a path slanting R up the hillside to fields on R.
3.2 km 505-3.2 Cross fields (SW) to reach an old paved road which goes to Buseira.
3.3 km 505-3.3 At 4×4, turn L. (Ancient cave dwellings visible across the vally with a path bellow)
3.5 km 505-3.5 Turn L.
4.5 km 505-4.5 Big pool on R for agricultural use
4.8 km 505-4.8 Turn R to new paved road.
6.6 km 505-6.6 At T, turn R.
6.7 km 505-6.7 Turn R. (Mini Market on L)
7.7 km 505-7.7 Leave paved road and continue straight on 4×4.
8 km 505-8 Cross paved road and continue straight on 4×4.
8.1 km 505-8.1 At Y, turn L, keeping above wadi on 4×4
8.3 km 505-8.3 At Y, turn R
8.5 km 505-8.5 4×4 ends, turn L on a rocky path keeping the wadi on R below to join another 4×4 in about 200 m.
8.7 km 505-8.7 Join 4×4
9 km 505-9 Y Junction (Both tracks lead to same point)
9.8 km 505-9.8 Surface changes to old paved road.
10.6 km 505-10.6 At Y, turn L.
11.5 km 505-11.5 Cross main road, straight south to join a 4×4 on R of a small forest
11.9 km 505-11.9 At Y, turn L and follow red arrows going south on 4×4 then on footpath.
12.8 km 505-12.8 When above rocky area, follow L track going south to pass through trees and reach a lower level.
13.3 km 505-13.3 Turn L following footpath, leavin boulders and trees behind
13.5 km 505-13.5 Turn L, decend hillside and cross wadi onto good track beneath huge ancient tree
14 km 505-14 Join paved road
14.1 km 505-14.1 Dana Water spring on L.
14.6 km 505-14.6 At Y, turn R down to Dana village
Basic Info:

Start the day by descending the old paths which zig zag steeply down though Ma’tan’s abandoned terraced gardens and spare a thought for the hard work of the people that lived here. Once over a track, the way continues down sometimes between cliffs into the depths of Wadi Labun, crossing the final siq on an old donkey track which rises up and out to the S to fields and a small road. This leads pleasantly up amongst impressive scenery to the edge of Buseira (shops and Neolithic ruins of Bosra nearby). Beyond, a good track follows the rim of a nice valley out onto the pine covered crest of a hill. Good paths and tracks then lead down sometimes between cliffs towards ancient Dana village with the impressive Wadi Dana far below, leading the eye out to distant Wadi Araba. The track finally passes by springs and orchards before reaching Dana with its cafés, hotels and RSCN Visitor Centre.


Ma’tan (Contact Abu Samer)



Dana Guesthouse (06 461 6523)

Dana Tower (07 9568 8853)

Local Contacts:
Abu Samer Shabatat (From Ma’tan): 0799435546