– The Jordan Trail has new updates, a new reroute on section 103 Beit Idis to Rasoun (15.2 km) has been uploaded.

Please make sure to download latest version of Maps and GPX files for Region 1 and the full Jordan Trail.

Explore the Route

The Jordan Trail embodies the essence of the Jordanian outdoors. It flows alongside the Great Rift Valley, overlooking rugged wadis and cliffs, and breathtaking scenery and archaeological monuments portray the layers of Jordan’s rich history, heritage, and religious relevance.
Take a glimpse at what the Jordan Trail has in store for you.

Prepare for your hike

Careful planning and knowing what lies ahead makes your hike all the more enjoyable and safer. 650 kilometers are quite the distance, and there might be a few questions on your mind like what do I pack? How do I get there? How do I find my way around? What will I eat? Are there any cultural quirks I need to be aware of?
Those are all excellent questions indeed.

Join a Group

The Jordan Trail Association is responsible for the development of the trail and its maintenance; we facilitate its accessibility by enabling the community to establish connections and create groups.
See which of these groups or tour operators is to your liking and explore the heights and depths of the Jordan Trail with them.

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