Adoption Benefits

Adopting a trail increases the traffic on the trail and creates a behavioral shift by promoting environmental awareness and responsible outdoor culture. It also uplifts communities and engages all segments of the local communities. Trails adopted establish opportunities that focus on women empowerment and youth participation. Moreover, maintenance of a high standard trail is a top priority to ensure a life-changing path for the local community and the hikers. Regarding the adopters, once meters are adopted they will receive via email a certification of adoption for the meters that were adopted at the chosen section, and they will support in activating the awareness projects and the clean-up campaigns that the association is aiming to deliver. Exposure is also portrayed on the adopters name as it will be associated with our social media activities.


REGION 4 : Three wadis al-karak

The Three Wadis to Al-Karak Region begins at the south rim of Wadi Wala; from there, it follows the edge of a plateau with stunning views over Wadi Hidan and Wadi Mujib before descending to cross Wadi Mujib – the Grand Canyon of Jordan. The wadi is extremely wide and 800 meters deep, with a perennial stream at the bottom and patches of farmland and the occasional Bedouin tent breaking up the otherwise arid scenery. After a long ascent, the trail heads south across a fertile plateau with rich red soils and farmlands, passing the ruins of Magdelina on the rim of Wadi ibn Hammad (a conservation area) before descending 300m into Wadi el Tawahin. It then climbs back up via Wadi ez Zaiyatin to reach the imposing Crusader castle of Al-Karak, which rises impressively above the surrounding landscape.



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