Jordan Trail | 301.1- Fuhais to Iraq Al Amir
The Jordan Trail is a continuous route crossing the entire country of Jordan, offering over 600 kilometers of trail and 36 days of beautiful hiking through diverse
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Hikes in the Region


1: Salt to Iraq Al-Amir


Side Trail:

1.1: Fuheis to Iraq Al-Amir


2: Iraq Al-Amir to Husban


3: Husban to Oyoun Al-Theeb


4: Oyoun Al-Theeb to Wadi Zarqa Ma’in


  • Distance: 15.2 km
  • Time:   5 hours
  • Physical Challenge: Easy
  • Trail Difficulty: Easy
  • Waymarked: No

To download the GPS track,

Important Numbers

Tourist Police:

  • Hotline: 117777
  • What’s App: +962 7 7099 1814



  • George: +962 7 9916 6072
  • Abdullah: +962 7 9061 8417
  • Bashir +962 7 7844 2200
Basic Info:

Head to the Fuheis Brewery and then down the valley following tracks and country roads through small farm holdings and rising up over the hills and down to the Hellenistic site of Iraq Al-Amir with its adjacent caves dating from the Copper Age 5000 years ago. There are a Women’s Craft Cooperative here and homestays.

Buses go back and forth between Fuheis and Swelieh Circle (on the northwest outskirts of Amman).

Taxis from Fuheis can taxi you to Iraq al-Amir.


Iraq al-Amir Women’s Cooperative Guesthouse, $, women’s center that also sells local crafts and runs a traditional restaurant

Things to See:
  • Local brewery Carakale at the start point
  • Qasr Al-Abd (no entrance fees, open all day)
  • Iraq Al-Amir Women Cooperative Society (toilets, food, soft drinks, overnight)
Food & Water:


  • Restaurants and minimarkets in Fuheis and Iraq al-Amir


  • Many houses along the way
  • Ejimi Spring – a cistern is on right side of road with water running through (definitely purify before drinking)
  • Tlal al Balut Park (Hills of Oak) – Rest house with garden, shade, WC, and cold drinks 
Tips & Safety:


  • Most of the day is on paved roads.
  • Be ready for a few steep sections on and off road throughout day.
  • An ATM can be found in the center of Fuheis.
  • Toilets available in restaurants in Fuheis and Iraq Al-Amir
  • Mobile service available along the trail

Safety Info:

  • Animals – There are many dogs along the way, especially at beginning.
  • Dehydration/heat exhaustion – Shade can be found along the way. If starting early, much of the path is in the shade on the west side of the hill. Moderate elevations keep temperatures cooler
Local Contacts:
Ra’eda al Naser (Fuheis) – 0772542882
Sameh al Naser (Fuheis) – 0777636355
Ghalib Abbadi (Taxi Driver from Iraq Al-Amir) – 0772193218
Abu Omar (Iraq Al-Amir Village, Qasr Al-Abd Guard) – 0777780115
Iraq Al-Amir Women Cooperative Society:
  • Land Phone: 06 548 1385
  • Ina’am Al-Sakarne: 0777351620
  • Yusra: 077 593 1563