Jordan Trail | 703- Wadi al-Saif to Wadi Gseib
The Jordan Trail is a continuous route crossing the entire country of Jordan, offering over 600 kilometers of trail and 36 days of beautiful hiking through diverse
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  • Distance: 12.3 km
  • Time: 3-4.5 hours
  • Physical Challenge: Moderate
  • Trail Difficulty: Moderate
  • Waymarked: No

To download the Jordan Trail GPS tracks, 

Important Numbers

Tourist Police:

  • Hotline: 117777
  • What’s App: +962 7 7099 1814



  • George: +962 7 9916 6072
  • Abdullah: +962 7 9061 8417
  • Bashir +962 7 7844 2200
Basic Info:

Soon after leaving the camp, the trail rises up to reach the head of Wadi Al-Seif then descending steeply to join Wadi Mshazza. Once again in the midst of wild mountains, the trail now heads South over a low pass into the next valley, leaving that to cross another pass to reach the head of Wadi Gseib. This descends generally South before bending W to the next camp on a shoulder around 4 km from the road in Wadi Araba.

  • Jeep only for first few kilometers of the stage.
  • From the Wadi Gseib campsite, it is approximately 4km to main road on 4×4 track.

Wild camping is possible virtually anywhere along the stage


Things to See:
  • Wadi Gseib
  • Ancient cliff houses; several springs and wells
  • Camels
  • Colorful geology
Food & Water:


  • None. The next village is at Humaima village, 2-3 days father along the trail.


  • Water can be found from pools noted near Wadi Gseib campsite, which may require some digging. Be sure to purify before use.
Tips & Safety:


  • This day’s route is mostly easy walking, with just some sand and gravely pebbles in various sections of the wadis.
  • In the Wadi Gseib bed just uphill from the campsite’s palm tree are small pools, which can be found year round and utilized for drinking or washing. This may require digging into the ground if pools are shallow or appear dry. From the campsite, it’s about 4km out to the main road along a 4×4.
  • Periodic trees offer shade on this short day stage. You may wish to combine this with either the previous or next stage.

Safety Info:

  • Flash flood dangers – Wadi Mshazza (cross only), Wadi Gseib
  • Loose footing – Rocky, sandy surfaces for much of route, mostly in wadi beds
  • Dehydration/heat exhaustion – Shade can be found from periodic Acacia trees and in shade from wadi sides, especially early and late in the day.

Mobile Phone Coverage: On the rock at beginning of stage in Wadi al-Saif and at the Wadi Quseib campsite.

Local Contacts:

Guides, Luggage Transfer, Food and Camping Services:

  • Ali Al Seadieen: 0777049506
  • Mahmoud Bdoul: 0772448166
  • Habu: 0778332061


Water Drops:

  • Mahmoud Bdoul: 0772448166
  • Habu: 0778332061