Jordan Trail | 504- Ma’tan to Dana
The Jordan Trail is a continuous route crossing the entire country of Jordan, offering over 600 kilometers of trail and 36 days of beautiful hiking through diverse
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Hikes in the Region


1: Karak to Tor Al-Taboun


2: Tor Al-Taboun to Karaka


3: Karaka to Ma’tan


4: Ma’tan to Dana


  • Distance: 15.5 km
  • Time:   5 hours
  • Physical Challenge: Difficult
  • Trail Difficulty: Difficult
  • Waymarked: No

To download the GPS track,

Important Numbers

Tourist Police:

  • Hotline: 117777
  • What’s App: +962 7 7099 1814



  • George: +962 7 9916 6072
  • Abdullah: +962 7 9061 8417
  • Bashir +962 7 7844 2200
Basic Info:

From Ma’tan village, head west on the paved road, turning left to find a path passing between boulders that descends via an old donkey trail down the steep hillside with terraced orchards and olive groves. Pass Ein Hiyere, and be sure to pay attention to finding the old path, which is well graded, as well as less exposed and slippery than other nearby options. Continue downhill, crossing over a dirt road and finding the donkey path again lower on the hillside, using it to descend all the way into the bottom of Wadi Ma’tan/Hamayde, with sandstone carved walls forming a slot canyon. Head right and then ascend steeply uphill on an old graded set of switchbacks, passing through cultivated fields to a 4×4, turning left then right to reach a footpath up to a paved road.

Continue up the paved road for about 1.5 km, then turn right to cross a washed out stone slab across another paved road to reach the southwest side of Wadi Buseirah. Follow a small footpath up along the side of the wadi, climbing higher to reach a similar level to the town of Buseirah visible across the valley. Follow this path for 3.3 km (with a break in the shade of an olive grove midway) until the top of the wadi where near where it reaches the paved road at 8.4 km. If needing supplies in Buseirah, you can backtrack from this point.

Continue over a saddle at the ruins of Khirbet Um Za’aroura, and cross the paved road, joining a 4×4 up on the west side of a wadi with pine forests below. At the top of the wadi, take another 4×4 to cross a very wide dirt road which heads to a quarry, walking south through a small forest to emerge on a flat agricultural area overlooking the immense view of Wadi Dana, which descends 1km vertically down to Wadi Araba. Take a moment to soak it all in and try to spot tomorrow’s route.

Head south in the direction of communication towers visible on the hilltop, dropping down in steps to the west to reach a footpath through cultivated fields in the direction of Dana village visible below. Find wider track that switches back to the north to descend through a small oak forest around a small set of cliffs, connecting down to the smaller paved road that passes by Dana spring and eventually descends to the entrance of Dana Village, where many guests houses and hotels can be found.


Important Note:

Before entering Dana Biosphere Reserve, please contact the reserve’s management to pay the entrance fees.

Dana Biosphere Reserve number: 0799111434

  • Buses access Tafila (via Ais) from Amman and Aqaba. From Tafila, take a taxi to start/end points
  • From Amman, public buses run to Wadi Musa, Tafila, and Qadisiya. From these transport hubs you’ll need a taxi to reach smaller villages like Dana and Feynan. Many recommended wild campsites can be reached by 4×4 vehicle, if you are considering hiring a support vehicle.

Ma’tan: The ADDRESS Business and Training Center: +962 (0) 6 5562555/ +962 (0) 7 9993 9980



  • Hotels
    • Dana Tower, $, (0)7 9568 8853, WiFi, restaurant, backpacker-style, good reviews


  • Camping
    • Wild camping above Dana village up near cliffs offers many areas to camp. Be cautious to stay away from town and areas with sheep and their guard dogs.
    • Wild camping is possible near a small spring toward top of wadi after Buseirah. Best to bring reliable water from Buseirah village if spending the night here.
Things to See:
  • Busaira
  • Dana Village
Food & Water:


  • Minimarket and bakery in Buseirah (off route)
  • Food and water in Dana (restaurants and hotels – no shop)


  • Ma’tan
  • Houses along road after leaving wadi Buseira
  • Dana village
Tips & Safety:


  • Try to follow old donkey route down from Ma’atan to the wadi below. This route is much more solid and less slippery. Buseira village is off route (separated by deep wadi). It’s possible to walk back from junction into village to get supplies.
  • It’s wise to wear boots as some sections around Wadi Ma’atan and Wadi Buesira can be slippery.
  • Flash flood risks in crossing Wadi Ma’tan and the bottom of Wadi Buseirah.

Safety Info:

  • Exposed edges – Moderate sections along Wadi Buseira footpath; not too significant.
  • Flash flood dangers – Wadi Ma’tan, Wadi Buseira
  • Loose footing -The descent into Wadi Matan is steep at times. Be careful! The path along side of wadi Buseira is a little slippery in some sections.
  • Dehydration/heat exhaustion – Little shade exists, but trees can be found once in a while. At higher elevations, temperatures will be cooler.
Local Contacts:


  • Abd Allah (pick up): 0775161541
  • Abu Samer – Husain al-Shabatat – 0775504550


Dana Village

  • Nabil AL Khsaba (Abu Ramzi): 0795688853
  • Hazem AL Khsaba: 0779672607