Jordan Trail | 204- Rmeimeen to Salt
The Jordan Trail is a continuous route crossing the entire country of Jordan, offering over 600 kilometers of trail and 36 days of beautiful hiking through diverse
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  • Distance: 14.6 km
  • Time:  6 hours
  • Physical Challenge: Difficult
  • Trail Difficulty: Difficult
  • Waymarked: Yes

To download the GPS track,

Important Numbers

Tourist Police:

  • Hotline: 117777
  • What’s App: +962 7 7099 1814



  • George: +962 7 9916 6072
  • Abdullah: +962 7 9061 8417
  • Bashir +962 7 7844 2200
Basic Info:

Leave the village by the road and continue along a good track up a deep valley between gardens, eventually rising up to cross a highway near Al Ahliyya university, then making you way to the city that is full of history, Al Salt.


It’s possible to catch a ride along the main Salt-Amman road.

There’s a bus to Salt from Amman (from Amman’s North Bus Station – University of Jordan)

  • Beit Aziz on the trail, can be booked online – 07 9953 5900
  • Saltus hotel off the trail (45 min. walk from the end of the section), can be booked online – 07 9542 1790.
Things to See:
  • Rmemeen Church and Mosque
  • Caves
  • Ancient Church
  • Al-Ahliyya Amman University.
  • Salt Handicraft Training Centre
  • Orthodox Church
  • Ottoman Mosque
  • Beit Abu Jaber
Food & Water:


  • Shops and restaurants are available in Rmeimeen and Salt
  • Shop at traffic light – Black Iris supermarket and falafel restaurant
  • Mountain Breeze Restaurant
  • Watar Zeryab Restaurant


  • At the traffic light mid-way are various small shops with drinks.
  • Two artesian wells are in the wadi. They are fenced and posted that entrance is prohibited, but if a guard is present, you may be able to get water.
  • Rmeimeen & Salt
Tips & Safety:


  • There is more shade on the first half of the stage.
  • Second half of the stage is not so pleasant with a garbage dump, prison, junkyard, and dogs. It’s worth considering skipping ahead from the Salt-Amman road.
  • ATM machines are available in Salt.
  • A gear store is located in Fuheis: Camping Gear Amman (
  • Bathrooms are available in restaurants and Mosques along the stage.
  • Mobile service available all the time.

Safety Info:

  • Animals – Some aggressive guard dogs
  • Dehydration/heat exhaustion – There is little shade on the second half of the route.
Local Contacts:


  • Abu Ragheb – 0788436068



Please contact JTA.