Jordan Trail | 806- Final camp to Aqaba
The Jordan Trail is a continuous route crossing the entire country of Jordan, offering over 600 kilometers of trail and 36 days of beautiful hiking through diverse
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  • Distance: 18.4 km
  • Time: 5-7 hours
  • Physical Challenge: Difficult
  • Trail Difficulty: Difficult
  • Waymarked: No

To download the GPS track,

Important Numbers

Tourist Police:

  • Hotline: 117777
  • What’s App: +962 7 7099 1814



  • George: +962 7 9916 6072
  • Abdullah: +962 7 9061 8417
  • Bashir +962 7 7844 2200
Basic Info:

The last day, and its a good one! A vague path climbs up into granite mountains striated with basalt intrusions, soon reaching a sandy wadi bed which winds up towards the final pass and a view of the Red Sea. A long diagonal descent of a scree covered hillside follows (take care) before reaching the wadi bed. As it opens out, an industrial depot/car storage site is reached, but once past this and over the highway, a series of long open sandy wadis go all the way to the coast, nicest if initially walked along the intervening sandy ridges. A highway is passed along the way by going through a tunnel beneath it. Just before the sea, a small road is joined which passes by a few hotels before reaching the beach. Congratulations! Why not enjoy a swim!


Public and JETT buses travel several times a day from Amman to Aqaba


Aqaba city (off route)

Tala Bay, South Aqaba

  • Bedouin Moon Village, $, (0)3 201 5525, meals, wifi, pool
  • Movenpick Resort & Spa Tala Bay Aqaba
  • Bedouin Garden Village, $, 962 7 9560 2521,
  • Movenpick Resort & Spa Tala Bay Aqaba, $$$, (0)3 209 0300;, Meals, wifi, pool
Things to See:
  • Red Sea
  • Coral Diving
  • Aqaba
Food & Water:


  • Grocery stores and restaurants in Aqaba


  • None on route, only at end of trail at Red Sea
Tips & Safety:


  • Loose rocks & scree over passes, good to have boots/shoes
  • Pack a swimsuit or run straight into the Red Sea!

Safety Info:

  • Flash flood dangers – wadis are very wide, low risk
  • Loose footing – both passes are loose gravel and some scree. Be careful and have good footwear.
  • Dehydration/heat exhaustion – After heading downhill from the pass, it is hot in the summer with little shade on route. Some trees in valley and rocks on pass offer a brief respite.


Mobile Phone Coverage: First signal at final pass, where coverage for Zain and Orange returns

Local Contacts:

Bayt Al aqaba – 799944797

Sulaiman Sabbah (From Wadi Rum) – 0795902127

Mohammad Hammad (From Wadi Rum) – 0777359856